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My JOUST is broke

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#1 Baby Blue Azure OFFLINE  

Baby Blue Azure

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Posted Sat Aug 11, 2018 3:21 PM

Hey Fans!  I saw the posting of the 7800 JOUST video by GORFCADET, laughed, and didn't know there was so much interest in 7800 JOUST.  I blew the dust off my old JOUST and it's broken!  Oh no!  What to do?  SHARE IT, OF COURSE.


The game starts off with Wave 01 approximately correct, ignoring all of the PTERODACTYLS flying around.  Clear the non-PTERODACTYLS and you're off to Wave 02.  Thing is will you ever clear Wave 02?  Doubt it.  You can try.  The game is invincible so you can practice your PTERODACTYL kill skills...forever - virtually.


The broken 7800 JOUST files:

Attached File  JOUST_broken_32K.a78   32.13KB   40 downloads

Attached File  JOUST_broken_E43A.bin   32KB   39 downloads



JOUST_broken_Wave01.jpg JOUST_broken_Wave02.jpg



#2 Jinks OFFLINE  


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Posted Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:01 PM

Cool! Thanks!

#3 gorfcadet OFFLINE  



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Posted Sun Aug 19, 2018 7:09 PM

Just wanted to share!  I had a blast with your hacks today!  :)


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#4 Keatah ONLINE  


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Posted Mon Aug 20, 2018 8:58 AM

Well joust fix it! Ba-dum..Tsssss!

#5 Baby Blue Azure OFFLINE  

Baby Blue Azure

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Posted Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:26 PM

Sorry for the delay, but I locked myself out of my account.


JOUSTbroke2 Top Ten New Features:

I have arduously cleaned edge connector contacts, re-slobbered on the solder, and re-wired my broken JOUST game.  This is the best I can do to get a working & functioning JOUST game.  Sadly, Hurricane Flo has filled all Volcano craters in the universe with water and this game commemorates this horrible storm.  The newly ejected Buzzard Riders arrive soaking wet but quickly dry off and ready to battle.

1)  The JOUST logo titlescreen changed to have word ‘BROKE’ added so we know this is the broken version.  Once we commence playing, we will quickly see it is broken.

2)  Powered by the Pete Gaston Easter Egg, press SELECT (U,D,L,or R cursor on the emulator), and the PTERODACTYL graphics move in counter-directions.  Cool!  Once the game starts there is a new message PTERODACTYL MODE, so we know what’s coming next!

3)  Thanks to GorfCadet’s concept for scoring PTERODACTYL KYLLs, we now have dual scoring - scoring for points and scoring for KYLLs.

4)  Game is invoked in the highest level - EXPERT.  You cannot change this setting.  Now the Troll Hand shows up immediately in Wave 01 and he’s grabbing higher than ever!  But frustrating for him, the Player now walks on air over the Lava Pits - forever.  That’s the new technology for 2018.

5)  From the start of the game the PTERODACTYL is pulling off all new pranks, including stealing the first egg.  After returning from extinction millions of years ago, the PTERODACTYL’s have discovered a new use in life - Pterodactyl Pilfering.  For the first time you will see up to 4 PTERODACTYL’s on-screen at once.  Without major overhaul, that’s the most you will ever see.

6)  As the initial messages suggest:  “PREPARE TO WIN” not “PREPARE TO JOUST” !  You will never lose this game!

7)  As part of a remnant of the Pete Gaston Easter Egg you’ll see BLUAZ WAS HERE message at the bottom of the play screen.  I tried everything I could to expand this display string from 14 char to 16 char, but couldn’t do it.  It’s cleared when the player goes to the top of the screen, which temporarily erases all messages.  The “SCORE nnnn:0” and “NICE JOUSTING!” messages return as soon as another PTERODACTYL is kylled.

8)  In One Player Mode, the Player 2 scoreboard is overwritten with JOUST JUICED to remind us back in the day when everyone was rejoicing JOUST, I called it JUICED as you had to be, to really enjoy the game.  In Two Player Mode, the Player 2 scoreboard appears as normal.  It’s like magic!

9)  The Lava bridge was forcibly taken out.  But the Players and eggs don’t fall through.  I don’t know why nothing falls through, but it’s a great effect to be able to walk on free air.

10)  When you kyll the PTERODACTYL, he says BYE ! or BYE !! as there are 2 explosions for the 3 PTERODACTYL’s.  You are now awarded with 2000 points for the PTERODACTYL KYLL.  A new stamp was constructed for this feature.  I was trying to make a 1000+1000=2000 stamp which almost worked (and now does on newer version of my JOUST).  But for this version with the BYE explosion graphics, the single 2000 stamp is better.

Re-enjoy the game !!!


The pix:





The NTSC bin:

Attached File  JOUSTbroke2_NTSC_CA07.bin   32KB   26 downloads

The a78:

Attached File  JOUSTbroke2_NTSC_32K.a78   32.13KB   25 downloads


Meanwhile, I have reviewed the 48K PAL JOUST and successfully reduced it down to 32K.

But there must be RAM conflicts as my broke version isn't convertible to PAL yet.



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