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Delisted Games

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#1 eightbit OFFLINE  


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Posted Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:02 PM

I was looking around online recently to see if someone was keeping a definitive list of digital games that have been "delisted" (no longer available for download or purchase digitally) and found this website:




Pretty interesting stuff. They are keeping tabs on delisted titles, upcoming delisted titles and upcoming server shutdowns. Sad to see so many titles that were offered digital only that have become "extinct" (cannot be found physically anywhere else):



That's quite a long list but I suspect it is nowhere near complete. Just thought it was interesting to see someone cataloging games that you cannot get anymore. There are some games there that I really wanted to try but never got around to purchasing (Afterburner Climax was one) but I guess when its gone its gone. 



#2 Tanooki OFFLINE  


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Posted Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:00 PM

Yeesh there are some good titles on those lists.  A real shame, but it's something like you said that would likely grow as more is learned of losses, and then with more licensing shenanigans or network (like pre-Nintendo Network to current for Wii and DS) take downs by the owner the losses will only grow.  Sure you have warez, people will jack stuff to keep it out there, but legally speaking the losses are real and illegally speaking not always still the easiest way to find let alone fire up anymore too.  I still have that Afterburner Climax on my Android tablet and wow that's a good game and a terrible loss.

#3 eightbit OFFLINE  


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Posted Sun Aug 12, 2018 7:38 PM

I didn't think of Android. I just checked the Play store. Nope. AB Climax is gone from there as well.


And people wonder why I advocate for physical titles over digital. If it were released physically I would have been able to easily pick it up on ebay or the like. But people keep buying into this digital arena thinking it is all rainbows and sunshine. This is not how I want to see games end up...that is for sure.


Now I have my choice of digging up a pirated copy and modded a console to play it, or waiting in hopes that it will be released one day again.

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#4 Tanooki OFFLINE  


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Posted Sun Aug 12, 2018 7:49 PM

Yup on Android it's gone, but not really, you can pirate the hell out of that by side loading on a stock OS if you can find the APK file, not so much with the walled garden that is iOS unfortunately.  I've got a few things I've kept around at times, one I still do because it got pulled which was the android conversion of the old PC game Dune 2.

#5 Flojomojo ONLINE  


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Posted Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:54 AM

The only mobile games I really miss are Llamasoft's things on iOS, the "Minotaur Project." They made most of it available for free on Android:
No Minotron though.

Many mobile games require internet now, they're dynamic and change all the time because they're massively multiplayer and depend on servers. This isn't necessarily bad, just a different approach from one-and-done designs from the past.

The purge of all 32-bit apps from ios11 was painful, though. I buy a lot of mobile games so I try to look it them as entertainment for now, not an investment to keep forever. They're cheap and plentiful so it's hard for me to get overly attached like with classic games.

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