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Posted Sun Aug 12, 2018 6:39 PM

Okay, so MIDIs are a way obsolete file type, but I have a collection of them on the internet. Long time readers of this blog know my fascination with long songs. So this collection has a bunch of long songs in MIDI form. You name a long song, it's probably here. If not, then get to work and I'll add it. Pink Floyd, Rush, ELP, and Dream Theater are just a few of the prog bands I have long MIDIs of. Of course, I had to make a few Dream Theater ones (I did NOT make the Octavarium one, though. It is impressive and way beyond my capability.)
Right now I am working on my interpretation of the Sonic Youth song "The Diamond Sea" off their oddly-titled album "Washing Machine." I just started on it, and it's 3 minutes long so far. If you just happen to be a Sonic Youth fan and are curious, I have what I have up so far here. I am the same guy who made all the Nine Inch Nails Ghosts MIDIs, and I would like Mr. Reznor to get busy making a sequel to that album, but he probably will never do that.
Beside me is my portable keyboard, a fifty-million year-old Yamaha Voice Bank PSS-270 I had since I was a kid. It has an A key broke off, from when I was angry that I couldn't play a song right. I use it to find the notes from the song. It takes a whole bunch of listens to get it close to what I want. I put it on my lap and rock out trying to find the right notes.
I found a bug in my Game Boy game, and am trying to get rid of it, although numerous unsuccessful attempts have left me quite frustrated.


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