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Jaguar CD Unit - outer box protector

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#1 JaggingUK OFFLINE  


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Posted Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:19 PM

I recently bought a perfect fit Atari Jaguar console box protector from a company over in Germany (or Holland) and the box fits the boxed Atari Jaguar console like a dream - however the box I would like a plastic box protector for is my boxed Jaguar CD unit... Has anyone found a suitable plastic box protector for a boxed Jaguar CD unit. I realise there wouldn't be much demand for them so am struggling to find anyone selling them, but has anyone found any old retro consoles that are of a similar box size - the problem seems to be the Jag CD unit box is quite wide so I am struggling to find any machine that had a box of similar size... 30cm long - 20cm wide - 24.5 cm high... so approx 12" x 8" x 10"... The retro box protector people seem to make boxes for lots of machines, but it seems that some of the more obscure, and expensive machines, don't have them made. I can understand the demand would be limited, but the prices the Jaguar CD units are now selling for makes me think a plastic box protector would be a good buy, especially as the Jaguar console box protector was less then £10 and fits amazingly well... Has anyone found anywhere selling plastic protectors for boxed Jaguar CD units, or found a boxed machine of similar size. Thank you in advance for any help. 

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Posted Sat Sep 22, 2018 12:52 PM

box box box boxed box boxed box box box box boxes box box boxed boxed

Use cling film.

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Posted Sun Sep 23, 2018 4:40 AM

you know what, that is not a bad idea, and had never even given that a thought - no plastic protector will fit the Jag cd box from any other machine so cling film is not a bad idea at all, thank you

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