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Scanline problem. I'm stuck

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Posted Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:37 AM

some how I've gotten different versions and modifications of the MonkeyKing source the score_graphics and playerscores.asm all jumbled up


I've been looking at the stack a little.  I haven't seen it go deeper than 4


you can flatten your code a little.

if you always gosub sprite_color and drawscreen you can instead jmp drawscreen

from  sprite_color

in which case I haven't seen a stack depth more than 3


the branch clearing routines don't need to be subroutines


looks like there are several places you could manipulate the screen directly

and save subroutine calls to pfvline or pfread (might take more code

but it would probably be faster)


I'm not exactly sure how the game is supposed to behave

I haven't seen score graphics glitches or going over on lines

with MonkeyKing_NTSC.bas



you could sacrifice one of your variables to the player scores routine

and get an extra spot on the stack I think

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