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Communicate without RS-232

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Posted Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:55 PM

I only suggested the CASSETTE port as this could be added to a single console for input and output to other devices besides just SERIAL like JOYPORT.


I was thinking instead of Cassette to send it to a device chip instead thus work like Disk Drive storage. 


CS1 would be READ/WRITE and CS2 would be READ only. And they could be on same device with single toggle of on or off READ/WRITE

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Posted Today, 10:09 AM

And back to Arcadeshopper's comment on the existence of IEEE-488 cards, there are probably about 20-30 of them in circulation. I have a pair of them that I plan to use to interface a pair of TI computers to an IEEE disk drive at some point. . .I also have about 20 of the required TMS-9914s, so I could probably build some new ones on a Protoboard at some point too. . .I just have to test to see if the PALs are locked or not, as I don't think I have a complete description of the JEDEC equations for it.

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