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Lotto 649 Source code to be converted to GFA Basic

Lotto 649 GFA Basic Programming

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Posted Sun Apr 7, 2019 3:28 PM

Hi guys: Today I post my updated source code for my Lotto 649 Package , with data files for the purpose of rewriting into either GFA Basic or Hisoft Basic, whichever is easier and closer to Quick Basic 4.5 for the PC. This may be one heck of a job, I am attempting it now as we speak and will keep you all informed of my progress, as there are probably quite a few people that would like to see a well written program for the ST to try to figure out the lottery. If anyone rewrites this code and wins a million dollars in any Lottery with it, please send me a postcard from some remote island hahahaha. Without further adu, here is the zip file for conversion: Attached File  LottoST.zip   282.14KB   2 downloads


Have fun with this one, I am going to my Mega ST to try and make it work now: Russ Campbell


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#2 rcamp48 OFFLINE  


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Posted Tue Apr 9, 2019 9:43 AM

I now have a semi working copy of my Lotto 649 Package written in GFA Basic, it is about 60 percent done , it needs more work. I include the GFA Basic disk with the source code on it so that anyone can take the disk into an emulator or a real Atari st, and play around with the program, no need to hunt down a version of GFA Basic it is already on the .ST file that I will upload. If you live in a different country that Canada , you can easily adapt the source code to work in your country for your lottery, it was originally written in Quick Basic 4.5 for the PC, I have just ported over to the Atari ST. My goal is to get it fully working, with graphics and mouse control as the Atari has that, an under 512 K of memory. As for an Atari STE version when my Atari STE is fixed I will full use the graphics and features of that system. Have a look at what I have done with it so far on the Atari ST (Mega ST4). If anyone has any ideas to where the program can be improved let me know, I am writing for monochrome first , then colour next. Russ Campbell


Attached File  Lotto 649 Package Atari ST Version.zip   162.7KB   1 downloads



PS: As it is still only source code it will work in both.

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Posted Tue Apr 9, 2019 11:47 AM

I will be working on the source code for about 6 hours this afternoon, my email and phone number is in the source code if anyone has any questions , I may be online during that timeframe. Russ

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Posted Wed Apr 10, 2019 11:47 AM

In college I wrote a lottery prediction programs.   At first I thought it is pointless, the numbers are completely random.   But then I thought about it more.   My state had a 3 digit and 4 digit drawing where each digit was drawn from a different ball machine.   I wondered 'what if the balls aren't all exactly the same weight and some were more likely to be drawn than others?"


So I wrote a program (GFA as well) based on that idea.  The top two most frequent numbers in each column would be used to generate picks


And I tested it-- but never actually with real money--  and it did perform better than chance, at least for awhile, where I guess they'd rotated the balls and different numbers became the most frequent


Anyway I calculated that if you followed it long term, you would come out slightly ahead.   Not get-rich-quick or anything close.  You would still get better results in the stock market (in a good year).

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Posted Thu Apr 11, 2019 8:46 AM

I had a theory that random numbers can't be random numbers if they stop coming up over a period of say 2 months, and in my program I searched for the numbers from 1 to 49 that had not come up within 2 or more months , then I calculated each number to see what the average time for each occurrence of that number and based it on how many months it took between each occurrence, a lot of math programming. Anyways I am usually right but not immediately with all of the numbers that have not come up. I am enclosing my newest version which has been cleaned up considerably and colour box menus have been added, big text for main title pages etc.


Here is the newest file:Attached File  Atari ST Lotto 649 Package Beta Version 0.998.zip   270.95KB   2 downloads


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Posted Thu Apr 11, 2019 1:20 PM

supposedly there 'is no such thing' as a random number; they are pseduorandom.


and if one looks at all of creation as a divine plan then all is predestined or meant to be.



i wrote a GFA basic program to print random Hebrew letters to the screen

and to me it is like my own personal "Bible Code".

#7 rcamp48 OFFLINE  


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Posted Sun Apr 21, 2019 1:57 PM

Sounds like fun, anyways here is an update to my Atari ST Lotto 649 Package Version 0.9982 Beta....

All gotos are gone , replaced by functions. Much better flow but not yet working , its for those who want to follow along with what I am doing.    Russ

Attached File  Atari ST Lotto 649 Package Beta V 0.9982.zip   270.95KB   2 downloads


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