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Information Security Demo on TI-99/4a? You bet!

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Posted Wed May 1, 2019 7:05 AM

I am really excited to have stumbled across this part of the AA forums (and the sub over on Reddit). I wanted to share something of interest with the group.


I work in the information security office at a college in North Carolina, and we have an annual event called “Securitycon” that involves guest speakers, panels, hacking challenges, lock picking, and a network capture the flag (CTF) competition. Over the last year or so (partly in thanks to Ready Player One) a number of students that intern in our department became interested in exploring older tech. I’ve demoed some systems and games for them but couldn’t figure out a way to merge their enthusiasm with modern information security projects. We had the idea of having a table or two with retro tech at the next iteration of Securitycon just as a curiosity to encourage kids to explore/preserve older tech, but it still didn’t line up with information security….Well then I found the recent Wagner Tech Talk on surfing the web with a TI-99/4a, which brought me here.


I realized that using the TIPI/FinalGROM/Stuarts Browser combo that I could have students follow clues to explore the use of covert channels with the specialized TI-99 markup language, “play” with old computers, and add a unique challenge to the CTF that requires the competitor to get up from the air-gapped CTF workstation, walk across the event to the retro computing table and interact with systems they otherwise might not.

So far I have acquired a functioning beige system, and have pre-ordered the FinalGROM from Arcade Shopper (big thanks for his communications, made it easy to find what I need). I still need to find a TIPI/32k sidecar combo, but the event isn’t until October, so I think my runway is long enough to make it happen.


Big thanks to this community for the work put in preserving the TI-99/4a and the continued development of new and exciting ways to enjoy the platform! I hope to use that work and development to hook some new fans :)


TL/DR: Using the TI-99/4a to demonstrate the use of covert channels at an upcoming information security event for college students. Hoping to also encourage interest from retro-enthused college kids in the platform and tech preservation. HUGE thanks to Jedimatt42 for the work he does, and thanks to Wagners Tech Talk for the high quality demonstrations!

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Posted Wed May 1, 2019 7:49 AM

Super interesting project! Please keep us posted.

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Posted Wed May 1, 2019 8:55 AM

Super interesting project! Please keep us posted.


Will do!

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