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Dungeon of Eternity - Rogue Like RPG

Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:22 PM

This is my new RPG game for Odyssey2 / Videopac

Originally my plans was to port Pedit5 (the first CRPG ever) but this game is too RAM consuming for O2 and the combat mechanics is almost non-existent.


So I come with my own thing, although the graphics are very close to Pedit5 ones (there are original monsters created by me BTW).

The maze is the same from Pedit5 because it's well designed and a very challenging place.


Well, as you can see, the game is very complete (I would say 85%). The objective of the game is collect more gold as you can, find treasure chests, kill abominable monsters and try to find the "Amulet of Eternity" which grands to you eternal life.


But it will not be easy, as deep you go inside the dungeon, the more difficult enemies will come.


The game features weapon and armor upgrades, and 3 types of spells to help your quest :


Fireball - Combat spell. Not effective on all enemies.

Heal - Increase the hero's HP. A rare spell.

Light - Defensive spell, it helps in combat by making you a bit stronger, also reveals more easily secret doors and gives you a bit of rest, making some difficult enemies to not appear. But the effect stands for 1 minute only.


The combat also features random critical hits for both, player and enemies and naturally, the enemies/chest position are totally random every time you play.


There are others features such one Beholder that roam the dungeon, and can find you even if you're not moving.

And one Final Boss (not working yet). He's the amulet holder.


Here's a gameplay Video :



Note the game is not finished yet. I'm currently working on sound effects so, they might change a bit in the final version. 

Mario 16-bit on NES

Sat Mar 31, 2018 7:41 PM

I'm studying NES hardware these days, and find something really interesting.

Using OAM DMA with NMI to plot sprite pixels, I can draw a 16 bit looking graphics on a stock NES hardware!

It is really difficult to get the timing, but the result is really good! 

Don't believe me? Download the rom below and test it on your favorite NES emulator!

I've designed this sprite specially for this new technique. How cool would be a Megaman or Castlevania game with sprites like this?

Oh, and I'm not cheating, this is the basic mapper, CHR ROM (no cart RAM) and no co-processor.

Tell me your thoughts.