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#4187071 MEGA SCART switchers...8+

Posted by Zap! on Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:19 PM

I have the gscartsw v3.4. It has 8 input and two output ports, and one of those is VGA (still RGB). I like this option because the VGA part feeds into my Startech PEXHDCAP60 capture card without any additional adapters. I only wish that they made a 16 port version.



#4160864 My Apple IIGS just came in the mail, but I've got questions

Posted by Zap! on Mon Nov 19, 2018 5:56 PM

I just got the GGLABS RAMGS/4 4MB card in the mail, so now my IIGS is pretty much set. I have an updated battery, a working keyboard and mouse, Kraft joystick, RGB SCART cable, the CFFA3000, two 5.25" disk drives and one 3.5" drive. I guess I could use a TransWarp GS, but don't really want to spend $400+ before the holidays. Anyway, thanks for the help and putting up with all of my questions!

#4160815 Does anyone make a SIO extension cable?

Posted by Zap! on Mon Nov 19, 2018 4:53 PM

Update: Rather than cutting into my SIO2SD, I went ahead and bough an ApeLink board and two SIO connectors from Best Electronics. Bradly is a great guy, and got it out the same day (Friday) as I ordered, and it came today. Thank you AA user DavidMil for the suggestion! Maybe I'll buy a case later, but for now it works great!

#4160014 Atari ST vs Amiga vs Apple 2gs vs PC

Posted by Zap! on Sun Nov 18, 2018 1:51 PM

I can't compare the Amiga, because I've never owned one. Hopefully one day soon, I've wanted one since high school. I've had an Atari 1040 STe since 1991, and have since moved on to a Mega STE. Within the last month I've gotten am Apple IIGS, and have been messing with it a lot lately. So, let's compare a few things.


1) Operating system: I love TOS, it's what I grew up with. Having it built-into the ROM is a huge advantage IMO. I was very surprised that the IIGS did not do this. I'm assuming Amiga has it built-in. Big advantage Atari.


2) Graphics: I give the edge to the STE. It's a lot closer if it's the regular ST. With stills, advantage IIGS due to the 4,096 vs 512 colors (regular ST). Speed goes to the ST, and with the STE's blitter the gap widens.


3) Sound. Even the STE doesn't come close. IIGS' sound chip is amazing for its time.


4) Mice and joysticks: The mice feel similar, but I'll always take two buttons over one, so the ST wins. As for joysticks, Apple's were fantastic. Atari's could have used more buttons.


5) Looks: That's entirely opinion. I like both's looks, but the Mega STE is truly one hot computer. :)


6) Charm: On the surface, The ST has more charm, helped with a super-strong PD/Shareware library and Dungeon Master, duh. 'Nuff said? No, because the Apple II has level-10 charm, and 99% of its games will work on a IIGS by adding a 5.25" floppy. A lot of this is opinion too, however.


7) Other: A huge plus on the IIGS was Apple II backwards compatibility. It would have been nice to have Atari 8-bit compatibility on the ST by adding 5.25" floppy drive connection and a special chip, but it would have made it much more expensive.


Conclusion? They're both awesome, and I'm glad to have both. Having an Ultrasatan on the STE and a CFFA3000 on the IIGS makes me a happy camper.

#4159922 My Apple IIGS just came in the mail, but I've got questions

Posted by Zap! on Sun Nov 18, 2018 11:13 AM

The CFFA3000 came in the mail yesterday! I couldn't be happier, this thing is awesome!

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#4156003 Show pictures of your collection.

Posted by Zap! on Mon Nov 12, 2018 11:55 PM

Here ya go!

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#4155397 My Apple IIGS just came in the mail, but I've got questions

Posted by Zap! on Mon Nov 12, 2018 7:56 AM

Did we discover the ROM version of this GS?  I didn't have anything GSOS on mine until my microdrive arrived.  I just discovered its a ROM0 and it won't run GSOS without a ROM1 upgrade regardless of memory.  So there's a possible spanner in the works. The WOZ was stock with a ROM0....




Yes, it's a ROM 01, thankfully.

#4145622 classic battle atari 8bit vs commodore 64

Posted by Zap! on Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:14 PM


Everyone knows Filet Mignon is the best though. :grin:


Not fatty enough. :)

#4144773 classic battle atari 8bit vs commodore 64

Posted by Zap! on Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:46 PM

How about Pac-Man Jr. ?



I hadn't played those versions, so I had to look them up. Crazy how the C64 version didn't scroll. Even the 2600 port did. Perhaps they saved the space by adding the intermissions.

#4143666 classic battle atari 8bit vs commodore 64

Posted by Zap! on Sat Oct 27, 2018 11:41 AM

So... your first post is a necrobump of a thread that's been dormant for 8 years?


Looks like it was his last post too. :)

#4143268 Leaving the Scene

Posted by Zap! on Fri Oct 26, 2018 9:39 PM

Family seems to break up this hobby a lot. I live alone. Without this hobby, I'd have nothing.

#4103430 What's a good TV tuner?

Posted by Zap! on Sat Sep 1, 2018 9:25 AM

I finally got this all done. I was inspired to hook up an outdoor antenna thanks to you guys. I bought a RCA Yagi Antenna for $46.04 shipped and a Digital Converter Box for $34.99 shipped, both from Amazon. Wired the antenna, from my basement and onto my roof (and pointed in the right direction). Before the converter box arrived, I tested it on a more modern TV. Doing a channel scan, it picked up 52 channels.


The converter box (with DVR abilities) arrived yesterday, and it's tiny. It came with an indoor antenna, which I obviously don't need. After connecting it to the old 2005 HD-CRT, I did a channel scan and it took like 30 minutes. It picked up 53 channels (and two radio stations), one more than my other TV with the built-in digital tuner. Quality was fantastic, time settings are perfect and the guide is great. Not sure why these cheap new ones aren't recommended by some, but the only way I'd be happier is if it were Android (maybe it is, I'm not sure) and I could put Google Play on it.


So, is 53 channels about normal? Either way, I'm sure it's way more than if I had gotten an indoor antenna.

#4098919 Nintendo Ruined Video Games

Posted by Zap! on Sat Aug 25, 2018 10:30 AM

This thread wandered around a few main points, but I enjoyed it.  I wound up thinking about it again later, and I realized that the way some feel about Nintendo ruining video games is the way that many feel about America ruining . . . pretty much everything else.


America ruined food

America ruined wine

America ruined beer

America ruined movies

America ruined music

America ruined theater


Of course there would be a raging debate about each one of these, and I'm not saying I agree, but I think it is a little ironic to find a bunch of Americans (including me) complaining about a company from Japan ruining one of their treasured inventions and turning it into something slightly different that ended up being more successful.  Especially since America has morphed and changed the cultural outputs of so many other people groups around the world.


Of that list, I don't see how anyone could argue that America's movies aren't the world's best. While there are many great foreign films, Hollywood just dominates. I'll give you beer though. I strongly prefer the rest of the world over our beers. :)

#4097526 What's a good TV tuner?

Posted by Zap! on Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:19 AM


Only if you live like 20 miles from the transmitter, put it in a window in "pointed" in the direction of the signal, and have a clear line of sight. And only use it with one tv.





Those sites will help.


If you live in a house will one of those old giant metal antenna on your roof or in your attic, try it.

It would be better than the "leaf" style antenna you linked to.


I live forty miles from my transmitters and I'm currently using this antenna on the top of my roof (about 25" of the ground), attached to the back of my directv dish.


Works pretty good.

I tried on of these too:


The quality is poor and not worth the effort.


I just got one of these on sale and will try in the future.



I have one of these old school antennas in my attic from 30 years ago and it worked as good as the RCA I list first. But I had to have a signal amp.



Thanks a lot for all of those links. I live in SI ( a borough of NYC), so I'm assuming I live within 20 miles of one. The problem is that there are no windows in that room with the TV. I'm afraid that it'll likely need the outdoor one, which will be a major pain since I'll have to drill through the ceiling. Ahh, always something. :)


Edit: Finally got some good news. In the room right behind the TV, there is a coaxial cable. I followed the lead and it goes all the way out to a window in the middle of my basement. It doesn't lead to anything, but now all I need to do is hook the end up to an outdoor antenna (and get a box). So it'll be a lot less work, thankfully.

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#4096827 What's a good TV tuner?

Posted by Zap! on Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:09 AM

In my spare room, I have a Panasonic CT-26WX15N TV. It's a widescreen, 1080i HD-CRT. It has multiple inputs, including HDMI and Component. I don't have a cable box connected to it, but would love to be able to watch some basic channels. Don't really care about the price as long as it's better. What are my options? Do I buy a box or do I need an antenna too? Is my TV even digital, or is it one of those "HD ready" TV's? Amazon wasn't really a big help, since I didn't know exactly what to search for.


Note: Here's a picture of it, with Stranger Things played on Netflix through my PS3.

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