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Taz Prototype without Titlescreen ROM

Fri Nov 18, 2005 7:03 PM

ROM dumped by CPUWIZ long time ago. I trade the game from him and he gave me too the ROM. Was a long time since we trade and I have not release the ROM yet I think. Not sure why. But for some days I have dumped and released a SNES Prototype (Little Magic (E)) which was never official released outside from Japan.

So now I will release this ROM too. I think its no big problem for CPUWIZ that I do it, because I remember as we trade he tell me that I can do what I want with this ROM. So here for all the Prototype ROM, which has no Taz in the Titlescreen. And on Tempest site stand, that it contain too no Woita Wave. So it contain some differences to the normal game.

So no ROM anymore in my hands, which I own without released. Except some Protoypes or games which I can't dump. ;)