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#4202982 AtGames 2019 speculation thread

Posted by Velvis on Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:12 PM

I would like to see an Atari arcade product. The 2600 has been done to death and the top Atari properties are best on arcade hardware.


The issue I see is those games require proper controllers and that gets expensive.


But I can't wait to see if they release another 2600 with Fun With Numbers and Basic Math.


But all joking aside, they should do a "final" flashback with proper paddle support and sd-card support. Essentially a modern VCS. Just re-release it every year.

#3994345 The Story of Pacman on Atari 2600 (Retro Gamer Magazine)

Posted by Velvis on Mon Mar 26, 2018 5:18 PM

I don't agree with Tod's comments in that article. To me 2600 Pacman's flaws lay with design choices more than system constraints. Starting with the color scheme.


By '82 people wanted the arcade experience at home and also understood that on the Atari it wouldnt be 100% accurate but so much of arcade pacman just isnt there. 


The movement/feel, sounds, and colors make it seem like a company trying to make a "pacman" style game without getting sued, rather than a legitimate version.

#3909351 AtGames Fall 2017 Flashback and Portable Lineup

Posted by Velvis on Mon Dec 11, 2017 9:42 AM

Flashbacks have lately left me really disappointed.   Not the product itself, but the fact you can never get the one you want.
If a single retailer would just carry the ENTIRE LINE, even online would be OK, Then people would be Happy...  
(Let me vent..Let me rant..Maybe I'll apologize later... LOL)
From what I've seen...Walmart and Gamestop Only carry SD versions!!!!?  For the love of God Why??  Everybody wants the HD version as we've already got enough SD Flashbacks to choke a horse and the HD units are not in stores.  I did see Portable units for both Atari and Sega at Walmart so I will say Good Job on that alone,...Their website is a mess with HD versions of the Atari one for $70 which is fine, but the Activision one at $100?   Umm OK ...Granted it's a third party deal, (but I still hold Walmart responsible)...I didn't check Gamestop's website because they are (supposedly) a video Game store and yet they don't carry the HD versions?  (Retarded)...
And then there's Bed Bath and Beyond.   It's a store I really like so I try to cut them some slack, especially as they never claimed to be a video game store,... but they only have SD versions and I don't think they even carry the Portable anymore so that nifty 20% Off coupon we got in the mail is essentially pointless unless you buy into Brick and Mortar's grand design and big master plan that these flashbacks are just little SD Version stocking stuffers for Gen Xers and toy things to keep a young modern child quiet for 5 seconds before they pick up their phones again...
So there's QVC..Their network is annoying as hell but They DO have an HD Version WITH PADDLES...And it's 80 Bucks!!!   Good Job QVC even if you generally suck!...But let me back up ....The Opposite of shout outs go to ATGames for Not releasing an Activision version with Paddles...Not releasing a Deluxe version (that should feature All the games Plus Paddles), Nor Ever having Paddles in stock on their website ...Is all of this really So Hard?   Talk the big retailers into Carrying the HD Versions...Remember back in the 80's when Nintendo talked retailers into putting their systems on the shelves by saying they'd buy back any unsold stock?   (They Never had to buy any unsold stock !)   People DO want the HD versions and they want to see it in stores.   That's all.  Not hard at all.   Even if only, say, a fourth of that shelf space was for HD units instead of SD,   They'd sell.   And if ATGames would make paddles available on their website, They'd sell a lot of them I predict.  If they put up a Buy It Now on Ebay they'd sell even more of them...And if they simply changed the words SOLD OUT to  IN STOCK, along with the words "Compatible with Original Hardware"...I bet they'd do OK   (Grin)...
But I should say my hats off to them for even getting this done in the first place...It's just,  Why be so close?...and then...  *Choke*  .. It's like the guy doing his touchdown dance, not realizing he's still on the 10 yard line...So Close but yet so Far...
If I hadn't seen that QVC website,  I'd think things were dour (dire?) indeed.
So from what I can tell,    if you want to see the whole line (minus Paddles sold separately of course) your only option is Ebay...And you probably won't be saving money.
OK Rant over...All apologies...just my 2 cents...
If anyone needs me I'll be at BEST looking to see if they still do High Quality Paddles....I should probably just get those anyway...

I believe all your complaints come down the retailers. They only have so much shelf space. They also know what sells, at what price for their customers. So a Bed Bath and Beyond customer with their 20% off coupon isn't going to but a top of the line unit with paddles and HD for $100, but they may buy a $40 unit not knowing or caring it's not HD as a gift or spur of the moment purchase.

A lot goes into how and why things are in mass marketing, it just doesn't always fit into how a specific person wants something.

Also I would venture a guess AtGames hasn't made money or enough money to warrant making paddles, otherwise they would be in stock on their website.

Luckily I have paddles and to be honest 4 player paddle games of warlords is 90% of the reason I bought one of these.

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#3898697 Flashback Gold Activision Issues

Posted by Velvis on Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:03 PM

I had two issues within a short period of playing time.


1) Combat glitched making one player unable to move after about 30 seconds into a game.


2) Warlords locked up about 4 games in.


Has anyone seen this behavior?



#3810316 An Idea for Crowd Funding: Making 2600 Reproductions

Posted by Velvis on Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:27 PM

This whole thread seems ridiculous. Are there really that many poor people that have a need to play 40 year old Atari games?  and if thats the case wouldnt just buying a Harmony cart (despite the cost) be a better financial decision than a handful of repro carts in the long run?


Also why not just have every poor person contact you for some of your money that belongs to everyone so they can buy a Harmony Cart?

#3804217 Why change the joystick?

Posted by Velvis on Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:58 AM

The original Atari joystick seems perfect to me. Other than adding more buttons, why did so many companies make awful controllers until the NES came around?


Intellivision, Colecovision, the 5200 took everything that was great about the OG stick and removed it.


Even today the original stick is iconic. 


Just a thought that came to me...

#2661538 the E.T. hype

Posted by Velvis on Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:33 PM

I have said it before and I will say it again, I think both ET and Pacman played a role in the crash. Those games were hyped and "top of the line" titles from the manufacturer of the system. (ie they weren't obscure 3rd party shovelware with a low price point) They were releases that people wanted and were looking forward to.

One could argue ET was a decent game (as others have above), but I don't think anyone thinks it was excellent. I don't think it is arguable that Pacman is anything close to a good game WHEN compared to the arcade version. (which most people had a reasonable expectation that it would be a decent port of the arcade game, within the limits of the hardware.)

Both games had an expectation to be "quality titles". Kinda like going to DisneyWorld for the first time and finding it to be no better than the local amusement park. There was an expectation for those two titles and I think both were a let down.

Long story short: when you over promise and under deliver people get angry and maybe they aren't so quick to drop $40 (in 1982-84 dollars no less) on your next game because they have been burned. Remember, honest pre-purchase reviews were not commonplace back then. I really believe buyers regret could effect buying new games sight unseen after buying crappy games with no return policy. People stop buying (for other reasons as well) and so starts the crash.

I distinctly remember thinking how awful Atari Pacman was immediately on the first few plays. Even my 12 year old videogame "rose colored" glasses couldn't shine that turd.

#2613721 Pac-Man isn't that bad

Posted by Velvis on Sat Oct 6, 2012 11:44 PM

I dont think anyone thinks Todd Frye isnt a good programmer, or with more resources (time, ram, etc) he couldn't have made Pacman better. Seems to me, based on the later Ms. Pacman and Jr. Pacman that with more ram Pacman could have been what everyone expected and not the game that was. I dont think a single person would argue that Ms. and Jr. Pacman are anything but excellent ports of arcade games on the same hardware as Todd Frye's game. No matter how you slice it, Atari Pacman was not what it could or should have been.

#2613689 Pac-Man isn't that bad

Posted by Velvis on Sat Oct 6, 2012 10:22 PM

To those saying that Atari Pacman had nothing to do with the crash because it came out in 82 and the crash happened later, you need to remember that part of the backlash was from people who dropped $35, $40, $45, $50 on cartridges that sucked. I would imagine dropping that kind of money back then (even now) and getting burned on crappy games, you are FAR less likely to do it again. Be honest there are a ton of horrible 2600 games. Back then you didn't have the resources to be able to read instantaneous reviews, there were a couple of magazines that would either be "fluff" reviews because they were advertisers and/or available months after the release. How many times are you going to buy games that suck? I also think its safe to assume that buying a top tier title (Pacman) from the premier software company and make of the console (Atari), you might feel safe throwing your money at a game sight unseen. To be burned by Atari Pacman hurts even more, than a noname game from a no-name company. Something was expected and it was far from delivered.

Pacman for Atari was awful. Even if you can remove it from the arcade version. It's still awful. The sounds (BONK, BONK, BONK), the colors, the graphics (the chopping pacman animation is awful). But with that said it was sold as "Pacman" which makes the whole debacle even worse.

Personally I think its the definition of a "Cashgrab" and it came back to bite Atari in the arse.

I was 11 when it came out and I distinctly remember finding Atari Pacman in a video store. I asked the salesman to hold me a copy and he said he could "only for 2 hours." I raced back home on my bike to convince my parents to drive me there and spend their ~$40 or so bucks to get it for me. (and $40 for us was a decent amount of cash for a videogame back then.)

Even with my 11 year old-strongest rose colored "Atari" glasses, I knew instantly Atari Pacman was a turd of a game. It was such a let down and disappointment. I am sure if I was a few years older to understand how it was a cashgrab by Atari and/or I spent my own money I would have been pissed.

Just my two cents.