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#3823205 Multi-cartridge for Dragon/CoCo 2 available

Posted by StarshipUK on Tue Aug 8, 2017 4:46 AM

The list of 1292 families is at: https://en.wikipedia...le_Video_Systemin Compatibility family which relates to cart slot used. The VC-4000 was mainly just released in Germany. Some may dispute it was released in other parts of Europe (perhaps as a German import) but I have only ever seen them selling from germany on EBay, with most German sellers only shipping to Germany which makes it more difficult to aquire a decend condition working unit and the usual over-priced sellers seilling worldwide that I want to avoid.


The 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System was the most popular cart type. At least it was in the UK with the common systems being Radofin, Prinztronic and Acetronic. This would probably be the best type to make.


Actually just noticed some idiot has changed that table and added Database Videomaster (Voltmace) to the 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System which is wrong. The Databse was a machine in its own family and a different sized cart and pin layout.

#3823201 Multi-cartridge for Dragon/CoCo 2 available

Posted by StarshipUK on Tue Aug 8, 2017 4:26 AM

The Bally Astrocade already has devices out for it.


The Tomy Tutor\Pyuuta is probably the best bet as it had both a Japanese and USA release ands sold in both computer and console form and is probably the most owned niche console. All games have now been dumped for it. I heard rumours someone was making a flash cart for this, was asked not to say anything at the time, but it was so long back I am guessing that is now abandonware.


The Epoch/Yeno Super Cassette Vision multicart would also be welcome. A very underated system with some good games on it, approx 30 carts and a couple of quite rare (and expensive) ones. This was more popular in Japan, but also saw a small release in France. However a few carts took AA batteries and had the ability to save games, so I am not sure if those would work and one cart was a basic programmer with some games on it.


A Casio PV-1000 multicart would also be welcome, but has less games released. I am still unsure if Casio PV-2000 dumped games would also work on a PV-1000 (or with slight modification), but if so that would also increase the library.


The other Casio Cart system - The Casio Loopy - Lets forget this as all but one of the games are easy to come by and all were in Japanese only making them hard to use for non japanese.


I found no real evidence a multicart for the APF MP-1000 ever existed after searching on the yahoo group, but I do not own one of these so have no interest in it at the moment. Perhaps one was made as a homebrew project, but no public release?


I'd say avoid the Thomson MO-5/MO-6/TO-7 machines for a cart device. The majority of TO-7 and MO-5 games were released on Tape. The device I have seen for the MO-5 was only made as homebrew with no public release and only a handful of games were converted to SD format to work with it. You also had to write or load a small basic program to access the device. While better than nothing it did not look ideal at all. Not much was released for the MO-6 at all but still a facinating system as it was also released in Italy. The best machine is the TO-8 with games released on disk, meaning you can replace the floppy drive with a Gotek to get access to games without messing about with floppies, so no need for anything for that. The other French system which had a handful of games released on cart was the Exelvision EXL 100. The best resource for the French systems is http://dcmoto.free.f...html/index.htmland under Support for MEMO5 and MEMO7 to see cart based images. There is also a lot of games on the French systems which are surpisingly in the French Language requiring knowing written French to be able to play.


The VG-5000 does not have any device, but was tape based games only. Other systems which do not have a device but were tape based only include The Matra Alice, Camputers Lynx, EACA Colour Genie, Hector HR (and variants), Sanyo PHC 25, Sharp MZ700 and VTech Laser 200 and 300. While the Oric has had a disk based SD device released for it, with the majority of games being on tape, never being released of converted to disk and no easy way of converting the games to disk it is almost a useless device so I would also add that to the list of tape based machines with no device. The other issue with some of these machines is that the games loaded in parts using the pause feature of the REM(ote) input on the tape decks to pause the tape and restart it to load the next part. Quite a few games on the French systems did this where they would load a instructions page before continuing to load the main game.


Another computer which only had a few cart games released was the pre-MSX Spectravideo SV-318 and SV-328, with the majority of games released on tape, and has no cart based system at all.


The big one which might be impossible for a cart of this type and need something more custom like a everdrive is the Funtech Super A'Can with games being rarer than the system its one I have had difficulty in finding games at any price. And of course the Atari Jaguar which would need a similarly complex cart, and the Atari 7800 which seems to have become abandonware yet again after the carts creator has gone AWOL.


Whatever you decide, it would be most welcome.

#3823186 sd cartridge for 7800?

Posted by StarshipUK on Tue Aug 8, 2017 3:35 AM

Having read this thread and others on the subject, it appears that between the test models he sold at PRGE, and the remaining ones that were sold off to the board in batches there are approximately 40-50 concerto carts in the wild. And of them, only 2 documented cases of complete failure, 1 being Kosmic Stardust, and one other that was sold? Most others reported fairly consistent results with all the commercial roms, and some scattered issues with pokey attached to the concerto or homebrew roms.

Sounds like a pretty useful beta phase. Pity Batari hasn't been around for updates in some time.


That many minus one, remembering the crazy posts about that idiot who bastardised his cart cutting pins, rather than selling it to someone else who really wanted one. What a twat.

#3733108 Flashcart and Multicart List - All systems

Posted by StarshipUK on Mon Apr 3, 2017 5:32 AM

Also Foreverdrive for the NES:


Diamonds are forever, and now your NES library is too with the ForeverDrive. This ultra-limited edition version of the EverDrive-N8 is the ultimate in decadence for your collection. Give new meaning to the term “flash cart” with this 18-karat gold plated aluminum, 4-carat diamond-encrusted piece of gaming opulence. Only 5 of them will ever be made. We guarantee you won’t have buyer’s remorse after purchasing this amazing item!*


#3640100 LTO Flash! - Intellivision Flash Cartridge Information

Posted by StarshipUK on Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:49 PM

Does anyone know if there is anyone creating pre-made controller overlays for the games please? It would be really useful now this has been released. I am sure others would also be interested.


I had previously been given a link to buy these, but they had sold out\not available and no reply to my E-Mail regarding them.

#3633422 Flashcart and Multicart List - All systems

Posted by StarshipUK on Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:16 PM

So he's supposed to create a new thread for the same sytems listed on post 2 of THIS thread, which has "ALL SYSTEMS" in its title...?



Read my reply: http://atariage.com/...86#entry3633087


If its a completely irrelevant bit of new hardware yes (example - joysticks, machine cases machine re-issues based on linux) which is what sounded like the OP was talking about when saying not exactly flash cart news. If its not a flash cart it must be something else?


If its a flashcart, multicart, or some kind of other device which incorporates modern technology to replace original methods of loading games then no.


Its a shame we cant get the first two posts updated with the many devices which have been listed since that was last updated, as every so often someone will re-announce a device which has already been mentioned and it seems people are missing new devices as a result.

#3626914 Flashcart and Multicart List - All systems

Posted by StarshipUK on Mon Nov 7, 2016 7:50 PM

This one is NOT the one to get, especially at that price
Wait for Darksoft's cart


It will be around the same cost


I don't get it. If its going to be around the same cost, do the same thing, and already available, why are you complaining about the price?


I understand is expensive, but considering the price of some Neo Geo games, and the complexity of such a device it probably about the right price, not helped by the current weak pound against every other worldwide currency presently.


The link you sent to the page also comes up with an error message along the lines of: "Access denied. You’re not authorized to view this page. Your dick is too small. Your not affiliated. Bugger off."*


* - May have some sarcastic British humour added to this comment.

#3626845 Flashcart and Multicart List - All systems

Posted by StarshipUK on Mon Nov 7, 2016 6:11 PM

The most expensive flash cart in existence (to date) set to start Shipping 15th November and has AES emulation.


NEOSD MVS - Neo Geo MVS Flash Cart


#3589857 H2

Posted by StarshipUK on Wed Sep 7, 2016 4:54 PM

Not replying to anyone in particular, but I wanted to make an observation. It seems that many people don't treat hardware developers with the same amount of respect as software developers, for some odd and unknown reason.


Actually I treat software developers with the same amount of disrespect as I do hardware developers. ;)


Only joking (if you have not realised by now like most Brits I have a sarcastic sense of humour). I have a lot of respect for people who create carts for the lesser common systems as it combines old technology with new technology, and even more so for those which do it as a hobby for the love of it where they probably make little money from it. They are enabling a way to keep the systems running for another generation to use, and games for some systems are getting harder and harder to come by with some prices reaching the almost ridiculous and in some instances certain games are almost impossible to obtain. See the posts I have done on the multicart thread here and you will see I have often promoted other people's carts there where I have not had to.


Those who know me will know I have given a lot back to the UK retro community being one of the very few who has taken my own collection of systems to UK events for people to use and see. That is where these carts come in so handy, allowing people to choose the game they want to play out of every game released without me having to haul a few thousand carts around, and most people have a special game on a special system they specifically want to play, normally as they played it on their own systems back in the day. A recent example was someone who very specifically wanted to play Flimbos Quest on the C64 at an event. Taking original games not only uses up a lot of space, but also leaves the risk of someone swiping an original game cart if they are left out. So no, its not about "Pirating Games" at all!


This also promotes the carts for the systems, where sometimes people don't even know a certain cart for a certain system exists and I know people have then gone and bought these carts (including 2600 Harmony) as a result of seeing them running on my systems.


Life is too short and after some recent health issues, I would really love to own a 7800 multicart before i'm dead. Thats why I am so passionate about getting one.

#3588999 H2

Posted by StarshipUK on Tue Sep 6, 2016 3:56 PM


The only point I was trying to make was that this thread went way off the rails.  I was only trying to bring it back on topic.  I'm plenty patient and not trying to rush anyone...was just getting annoyed when I see movement on the thread, only to see folks talking about Xbox and Wii.  :(


Lets put it another way. Batari has not posted on these forums for over 5 months now: http://atariage.com/...er/5792-batari/

And none of those few posts this year were anything regarding this project which to me is looking more and more like it will become vapourware. To be honest I hope I am wrong but taking this into consideration, and everything everyone else has said, its not really looking promising, is it?

#3588020 LTO Flash! - Intellivision Flash Cartridge Information

Posted by StarshipUK on Mon Sep 5, 2016 1:01 PM


I'll look into it.  I'm not a big fan of sending my ACH numbers out over the Internet.  I did set up a dedicated sub-account to receive LTO Flash! funds at my bank, but it's not showing up in my online account.  The banker that set it up is in TX, though, so it may be some time to get to it.


In the meantime, RetroGamesShop in Germany does have units in stock.  That may be a more convenient route for you.  I assume from your handle you're in the UK.  I'm not sure what DE => UK shipping looks like cost-wise.  But, assuming it's better than shipping from California, get it now, before they pull the trigger on Article 50!   :D

I did not realise they had stock (I dont speak Germanish), but thanks for the headsup. Shipping to the UK from Germany is always a bit queer. Looks like 17Euros, but I wont be hit with any import fees so seems fair, but perhaps importing from USA would work out a tad cheaper even though the UK Pound to US Dollar is still weak. Congrats on getting this out the door before the other announced cart went on sale. Now all I need to do is find somewhere to buy the cart overlays.

#3581350 Lynx Multi Card Preorders

Posted by StarshipUK on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:54 PM

Please add me to the preorder list for a cased cart.

#3580902 H2

Posted by StarshipUK on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:16 AM

Like many others, I would be happy to take the risk and see if it works based on whats ready now. This has been 6 years in development now, and I have a feeling it will never be released otherwise. If it does not work, then I will buy a 7800 which does work with it. My 7800 is the French version with the Peritel (SCART) cable included.

#3448662 Bally Astrocade Multicart

Posted by StarshipUK on Tue Feb 23, 2016 5:02 PM

Thank you for this and your reply. Just to let you know it is now showing shipping as $20.03 to the UK and import charges at $31.24.


Shipping is now $12.22 cheaper. Actual UK value of item and postage is around £102. The UK charges 20% VAT on imports, which is equal to £20.40, which is around $28.59. However as mentioned before:


"Any parcel assessed as being liable for Customs charges will also incur a Royal Mail handling fee of £8. Any goods imported into the UK over the value of £15 are liable to import VAT. Gifts between private individuals over the value of £36 (£34 as of 1 January 2016) are also liable for VAT."


£8 is equal to about $11 (sorry - though it was £10 and the Pound to US Dollar exchange rate is really, really crap at the moment!)


To summarise I will be saving money on not having to pay a clearance fee to royal mail for import duties and the shipping charge is now cheaper. There could have been a chance Royal Mail would not charge import duties by missing it, but I can not remember the last time that happened and Royal Mail are really hot on charging for imports, as I think they use the clearance fee as an income source.


I am guessing the cost of the Global Shipping Program depends on where you live in the USA for local shipping more than anything else. The Bowling Ball I bought was a much bigger and heavier item than this but it was located in New York, and showed as being shipped on a Virgin Atlantic aircraft from JFK. Once the items arrive in the UK they are then shipped by a private budget courier (normally Hermes or Yodel), who seem to treat the international parcels with more respect than the ones delivered within the UK, where they normally leave the parcels on top of the roof:





#3407092 Voltmace/Videomaster Database Leap Frog dump?

Posted by StarshipUK on Sun Jan 3, 2016 6:05 PM

I have this cartridge (LeapFrog No.25). I made contact with the person who runs that Amigan page back in 2013, but he did not seem too helpful in being able to get the Cart dumped, just mentioning someone else who might be able to dump it and saying he could not dump it himself. It seemed like too much effort and a bit of an uphill struggle trying to help out, so I just left it. Back then No.24 Much & Crunch also needed to be dumped, which I also own.


I noticed this is still not yet dumped, so have contacted the MESS project team today who are going to send me details of someone to post this to in Europe who can dump this and a few other carts that they need for other systems which are not yet dumped, so if it all goes well it should appear in MESS sometime this year. I will also see if I can get a copy of the dump as soon as it is made.


Out of interest is the VC4000 multicart project still alive? I would also like to own one of these, it it exists.