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About Me

7800 Homebrew games in development
I've been a 7800 developer since April 2009 when Wasp! was announced using my "C" games development library.

This is my current list of 7800 games in development :-

Harry's Hen House (Stock machine)
Posted Image

Apple Snaffle (XM mandatory)
Posted Image

Halloween themed game (no release name yet) (XM mandatory)
Posted Image

Outpost 26 (XM mandatory)
Posted Image

Dungeon! (XM mandatory)
Posted Image

Fruitarian (XM mandatory)
Posted Image

7800 Completed homebrew games
This is the list of games that have been completed and released on cartridge :-

Wasp! (Stock machine)
Posted Image

Worm! (Stock machine)
Posted Image

7800 eXpansion Module (XM)
The XM team was formed around Curt Vendel in the summer of 2010 to develop an expansion system for the Atari 7800. The XM adds the following to a stock 7800 :-
  • System BIOS
  • 128K of bank switched RAM
  • HSC BIOS and 2K of non-volatile memory for high score game saves
  • POKEY and a YM2151 for arcade quality audio
  • SIO and XEGS keyboard connectors for A8 peripheral compatibility (software required)
  • NES like mappers
  • PIA (optional) for internal custom expansion
7800 BBC Micro game ports
First developer to port a BBC Micro home computer game to the 7800.

Development thread for Tempest (WIP) (XM mandatory)

7800 Demos
Christmas 2012 eCard (Stock machine)
Posted Image

7800 Graphics modes
G2F - 4 colour changes per scan line in 2BPP.
160C - 169 colours on screen at once.

7800 Game programming tools
a78psd - A utility that converts ProSystem emulator *.sav files into human readable form. It will also analyse the Display List List (DLL) entries and Display List (DL) "headers".
Colour picker - A utility for displaying all 256 colours on a 7800 simultaneously.
NTSC bitmap - A *.gif containing the colours taken from ProSystem.

7800 Game cartridge availability
You can purchase Wasp! from the AA store here.
You can purchase Worm! from the AA store here.

7800 Game reviews
Wasp! was reviewed in edition 66 of Retro Gamer here and scored 72%.
Worm! was reviewed in edition 76 of Retro Gamer here and scored 79%.

Miscellaneous PC utilities
SaveKey - Handles data upload and download to SaveKeys.
a52mm - Atari 5200 Ultimate SD Cartridge Manual Mangler.

Hardware development
GB-XC1 - PlayStation controller interface.

Mattel Intellivision games in development
These are my current Intellivision games in development :-

Apple Snaffle
Posted Image

Mystery Castle
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

AC2013 - Speed coding contest
Posted Image

Mars mini games
Posted Image

Rescue on Terra Five
Posted Image

Next Street - Halloween 2013
Posted Image

Hardware development
Multi-cart - microSD based multi-cart.
Bee3 - Game cartridge using an AVR microcontroller.
Posted Image

Atari Jaguar games in development
This are my current Jaguar game in development :-

Duckie Egg
Posted Image

Star Raiders
Posted Image

Posted Image

Atari Jaguar tech demos
Fractal generated terrain and voxel landscape :-

Mars Rover demo
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