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Thumbs for YouTube videos with time offset?

Mon Nov 6, 2017 3:59 AM

Tried to post a YouTube video with a time offset (to skip bad audio) but the extra info in the URL seems to suppress the thumbnail. Not a big deal - just throwing it out there. ;)

Spare a spring?

Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:54 PM

I wondered if anyone might be able to help me replace a missing spring on a Mitsumi 800XL keyboard? The keyboard is "Type 5" in the 600/800XL Keyboard Variants thread, and I rather like it. Unfortunately efforts to fabricate a replacement spring for the Break key have been unsuccessful. Here's a photo of the required spring:

Attached File  DSCF6930.JPG   436.08KB   14 downloads

Frustratingly, I had a cannibalised example of this keyboard many years ago but rather foolishly threw it away, and later did the same thing with the five console key springs I had kept. If anyone has such a spring spare and doesn't mind parting with it (for a nominal fee, covering postage, etc), a PM would be most welcome!

Thanks in advance.

SIO2SD LED driver DC/DC converter wiring?

Fri Apr 7, 2017 8:06 AM

Went down a rabbit hole with an 800XE with a badly discoloured case and built-in Mega-HZ SIO2SD. It was all architecturally soldered with the wiring buried in hot glue, and the screen assembly had to come out for case renovation (this is the machine I ended up painting). It was impossible to document the wiring when ripping this stuff out.


Now, unlike more recent SIO2SDs, this Mega-HZ made board has headers for two different kinds of LCD module. The wiring description for the non-standard screen (the one fitted to this machine) is about half way down this page:


http://www.mega-hz.d...O2SD rev.2.html


The LCD connections aren't a problem, but the LED backlight is - it appears - driven off a 7v supply, hence the DC/DC converter pictured below:


Attached File  DSCF6578.JPG   263.91KB   31 downloads


There are no marks of any kind on this unit and the plan was to simply jettison it and the red LCD and replace it with a modern standard unit. Unfortunately the bezels on the newer screens are too small for the hole cut in the case (leaving a huge 4mm gap), so I'm exploring the possibility of re-using the original screen pending purchase of an alternative (a Batron unit with a 30mm high bezel). The old screen is red, however, and it would be kinda nice to get it working again.


The wiring plan for the backlight makes sense to me aside from the DC/DC converter section. Coupled with the unmarked black box, I have little idea how to proceed. Anyone seen one of these before or have any ideas?


Help with ATMEGA32 DIP 40 package for SIO2SD

Tue Jan 24, 2017 5:46 AM

I wondered if anyone could help me with a 40 pin ATMEGA32 for an SIO2SD (http://sio2sd.gucio....iki/Hardware_en). I used to build these things years ago but can't seem to get PonyProg up and running with my ancient parallel AVR cable and for a one-off job (using the last SIO2SD board in the pile for a project) I don't fancy investing in a bunch of stuff I'll never use again.


To summarise, I programmed an ATMEGA32 with the latest SIO2SD firmware using my crappy EasyPro 90B USB programmer and it appears to work but won't recognize the SD card (the firmware says "Card not present"). After testing voltage on the SD card connector, I decided to swap the ATMEL chip from my last working SIO2SD and the SD card is detected with that chip. So I'm stealing the IC from my own device to use in this project just to get it finished, but that will leave me with a non-functioning SIO2SD. I tried the reverse: putting the newly programmed chip in my own known-working device and I get the no card error there too.


Tried setting up PonyProg 2000, thinking this may be a fuse bits issue, but it's no go and I'm losing patience with it. Oddly, the pre-programmed ATMEL which detects the SD card isn't recognized by the EasyPro programmer, while the problem chip is recognized, can be programmed, but won't see the SD card.


So - a) any clues as to what the issue could be, and/or b) does anyone have a pre-programmed DIP 40 ATMEGA32 package they're prepared to sell, swap, or donate so I can ressurect my own SIO2SD (I don't want to replace the whole device since it's one of my XM301 conversions and I'm quite happy with it)?