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In Topic: New Star Wars Pinball

Yesterday, 2:01 PM

To date I have about 7 total plays on this machine. I played 3 games at the Pinball Gallery launch party last month and 4 games at a local bar on Saturday. I have no clue as to what you should be doing on this machine.


I guess gone are the days when you can walk up to a pinball machine and start playing and understand the rules. Now I have to watch YouTube tutorials on how to play the damn thing...

In Topic: Howard Scott Warshaw at Timeline Arcade in Hanover, PA - 9/16/17

Yesterday, 7:36 AM

Such a pleasure to meet HSW! What a nice guy!



Was the place packed?

In Topic: Nichibutsu Horned Owl Logo Shirt

Yesterday, 7:34 AM

First batch of Nichibutsu owl logo shirts are printed and shipping Tuesday. Thanks for your orders. If you missed out, a second batch will print in two weeks. Added a $17 non-fitted Gildan T option. Order here: http://videoarcade.bigcartel.com/product/nichibutsu





Is the shirt on the left the "gold" t-shirt? I would prefer that instead of the grey.

In Topic: Favorite Operating Systems of all time?

Yesterday, 7:15 AM

I cut my teeth on DOS 6.22 so I'll go with that.

In Topic: Worth $80?

Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:17 AM

I think Albert pays for shipping. Could be dismembering.