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FS FO: Lots Of 2600 Carts + Manuals (Rare and Common)

Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:39 PM

It's been a long time since I have been active on the site. I am more active over at NA. I have decided to clear out my 2600 collection. I have lots to choose from. Buy one or buy a bunch and save on shipping. It took me a long time to put together a list of carts and manuals, so I haven't checked into pricing on the games or manuals. Shoot me an offer and hopefully we can make a deal. I listed the carts with the name, label version, quantity that I have and rarity level to make it easier. I do have some CIB stuff that I have not listed yet. I will update this thread when I get a chance to do so. Pictures will be at the bottom of the lists.


Air-Sea Battle (picture label) (1) R2
Air-Sea Battle (text label 02 Air-Sea Battle) (1) R3
Air-Sea Battle (text label) (1) R2
Alpha Beam With Ernie (1) R4
Armor Ambush (M Network black label) (1) R3
Asteroids (picture label) (12) R1
Astroblast (M Network black label Korea) (1)
Astroblast (M Network black label Singapore) (1) R2
Atlantis (night scene label) (1) R2
Atlantis (text label) (1) R2
Barnstorming (standard label) (2) R2
Basketball (picture label) (1) R2
Battlezone (silver label) (1) R2
Berzerk (picture label) (9) R1
Big Bird’s Egg Catch (1) R4
Bowling (text label blue text) (1)
Boxing (blue label) (1) R3
Boxing (standard label) (1) R2
Breakout (picture label) (1) R2
Breakout (text label) (1) R2
Bugs (standard label) (1) R3
California Games (standard label) (1) R4
Canyon Bomber (picture label) (1) R2
Carnival (standard label Coleco) (1) R2
Casino (picture label) (2) R1
Casino (text label) (1) R1
Centipede (silver label) (1) R2
Chopper Command (standard label) (1) R2
Circus (text label Sears) (1) R3
Circus Atari (picture label) (1) R2
Combat (picture label) (2) R1
Combat (text label 01 combat end label) (1) R2
Combat (text label) (7) R1
Cosmic Creeps (color standard label) (1) R4
Dark Cavern (black label) (1) R2
Defender (picture label) (4) R1
Defender II (red label) (1) R4 SOLD
Demons To Diamonds (picture label) (1) R2
Desert Falcon (red label) (1) R4 SOLD
Dig Dug (silver label 1983) (1)
Dodge ‘Em (picture label) (1) R2
Dolphin (standard label) (1) R3
Donkey Kong (red label Atari) (1) R3 SOLD
Donkey Kong (standard label Coleco) (5) R1
Donkey Kong Junior (red label Atari) (2) R4
Donkey Kong Junior (standard label Coleco) (2) R4
Double Dunk (red label) (1) R4 SOLD
E.T The Extra Terrestrial (silver label) (3) R1
Encounter At L-5 (standard label) (1) R3
Enduro (blue label) (1) R3 SOLD
Enduro (standard label) (1) R2
Football (picture label) (1) R1
Football (text label green) (1) R1
Football (text label yellow) (1)
Football Real Sports Soccer (silver label 1987) (1) R4
Freeway (standard label) (2) R2
Frogger (standard label) (4) R1
Frogs And Flies (M Network black label) (1) R2
Front Line (standard label Coleco) (1) R4 SOLD
Frontline (Zellers) (1) R4 SOLD
Frostbite (standard label) (1) R4 SOLD
G.I. Joe Cobra Strike (standard label) (1) R4
Galaxian (silver label) (1) R2 SOLD
Gangster Alley (standard label) (1) R4
Grand Prix (blue label) (1) R3
Gremlins (silver label) (1) R6 SOLD
Hangman (picture label) (1) R2
Home Run (picture label) (1) R2
Home Run (text label) (1) R2
Ice Hockey (standard label) (3) R2
Indy 500 (text label) (1) R2
Infiltrate (blue label) (1) R3
Joust (silver label 1983) (2) R2
Jr. Pac-Man (red label) (1) R2 SOLD
Jungle Hunt (silver label) (2) R2
Kaboom! (standard label) (1) R2
Kangaroo (silver label 1983) (2) R2
Kangaroo (silver label 1988) (1)
Keystone Kapers (standard label) (1) R2 SOLD
Laser Blast (standard label) (2) R2
Laser Volley (Zellers) (1) R4 SOLD
Lock ‘N’ Chase (M Network black label) (2) R2
M*A*S*H (standard label) (1) R3
Mario Bros. (silver label 1983) R4
Megamania (standard label) (1) R2 SOLD
Midnight Magic (red label) (1) R3 SOLD
Millipede (silver label 1987) SOLD
Missile Command (picture label lower case end label) (3)
Missile Command (picture label upper case end label) (3) R1
Moon Patrol (silver label) (3) R2
Mouse Trap (red label Atari) (1) R3
Mouse Trap (standard label Coleco) (2) R2
Mr. Do! (standard label Coleco) (1) R5 SOLD
Ms. Pac-Man (silver label) (5) R2
Night Driver (picture label) (1) R1
Ocean City Defender (Zellers) (1) R4 SOLD
Oink! (standard label) (1) R3
Outlaw (picture label) (1) R2
Pac-Man (picture label) (6) R1
Pele’s Soccer (picture label) (1) R2
Pete Rose Baseball (standard label) (1) R5 SOLD
Phoenix (silver label) (2) R2
Pitfall! (international edition) (1)
Pitfall! (standard label) (2) R2
Planet Patrol (standard label) (1) R3
Plaque Attack (standard label) (1) R4
Pole Position (silver label) (3) R2
Popeye (standard label) (2) R2
Porky’s (standard label) (1) R4 SOLD
Pressure Cooker (standard label) (1) R4 SOLD
Q*Bert (red label Atari) (1) R3
Q*Bert (standard label) (3)R2
Raiders Of The Lost Ark (silver label) (2) R2
Rampage (special label) (1) R5 SOLD
Reactor (standard label) (1) R2
Real Sports Baseball (silver label 1982) (1) R2 SOLD
Real Sports Boxing (red label) (1) R3
Real Sports Football (silver label 1987) (1)
River Raid (standard label) (1) R2
River Raid II (special label) (1) R6 SOLD
Road Runner (red label) (1) R6 SOLD
Robot Tank (standard label) (1) R3 SOLD
Seaquest (standard label) (1) R2
Secret Quest (red label) (1) R4 SOLD
Skate Boardin’ (standard label) (1) R4
Skiing (blue label) (1) R3 SOLD
Skiing (standard label ) (1) R2 SOLD
Sky Jinks (international edition) (1)
Sky Jinks (standard label) (2) R2
Slot Racers (picture label) (2) R2
Smurf Rescue In Gargamel’s Castle (standard label Coleco) (1) R4 SOLD
Snoopy And The Red Barron (Atari) (1) R5 SOLD
Solaris (red label) (1) R2
Space Attack (M Network black label) (2) R2
Space Cavern (blue label) (1) R3 SOLD
Space Invaders (picture label) (3) R1
Space Invaders (silver label) (1) R2
Space Invaders (text label) (1) R1
Space Jockey (black label) (2) R2
Space Shuttle (standard label) (1) R3
Space War (picture label) (1) R2
Spider Fighter (standard label) (1) R2
Stampede (standard label) (1) R2 SOLD
Star Raiders (picture label) (2) R1
Star Voyager (picture label) (1) R2
Star Wars Return Of The Jedi Death Star Battle (standard label) (1) R4 SOLD
Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back (standard label) (1) R2
Stargate (silver label 1987) (1) R4 SOLD
Starmaster (standard label) (3) R2
Strawberry Shortcake Musical Match Ups (standard label) (1) R4
Street Racer (picture label) (1) R2
Summer games (standard label) (1) R4
Super Breakout (picture label) (3) R2
Super Breakout (text label Sears) (1) R3
Super Challenge Baseball (M Network black label) (1) R2
Super Challenge Football (INTV white football label) (1) R3
Super Challenge Football (M Network black label) (1) R3
Super Football (red label) (1) R2 SOLD
Super Football (red label) (1) R2 SOLD
Superman (text label) (1) R2
Swordquest Earthworld (silver label) (2) R2
Swordquest Fireworld (silver label) (2) R3
Turmoil (standard label) (1) R3 SOLD
Vanguard (silver label) (3) R2
Venture (red label Atari) (1) R2
Venture (standard label Coleco) (1) R2
Video Olympics (picture label) (1) R2
Video Pinball (picture label lower case end label) (2)
Warlords (picture label) (2) R1
Warplock (standard label) (1) R3
Winter Games (standard label) (2) R4
Wizard Of Wor (standard label) (1) R3
Word Zapper (black label) (1) R3
Yars’ Revenge (picture label) (3) R2
Zaxxon (standard label) (1) R3

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Armor Ambush
Asteroids (2)
Asteroids 66
Astroblast (2)
Berzerk 12
Boing! (with waranty card)
Circus insert
Combat 27
Crystal Castles
Dark Cavern
Defend Atlantis Contest Form
Defender II
Desert Falcon
Donkey Kong (Atari)
Donkey Kong Junior (Atari)
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
Frogs And Flies
Gangster Alley
Grand Prix
Ice Hockey
Joust (orange joust writing)
Jr. Pac-Man
Jungle Hunt
Keeystone Kapers
Laser Blast
Lock ‘N’ Chase
Mario Bros.
Midnight Magic
Missile Command (3)
Moon Patrol
Mouse Trap
Planet Patrol
Pole Position
Q*Bert (Atari)
Q*Bert (Parker Brothers)
Real Sports Baseball
Real Sports Boxing
Real Sports Football
Real Sports Soccer
River Raid II
Road Runner
Robot Tank
Secret Quest
[size=3]Skate Boardin’[/size]
[size=5][size=3]Slot racers[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Snoopy And The Red Baron[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Space Attack[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Space Cavern[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Space Invaders[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Space Shuttle (cardboard insert AG-033-05B)[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Space Shuttle (with flight deck console) (2)[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Star Raiders (with overlay)[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Star Voyager[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Star Wars Return Of The Jedi Death Star Battle[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Super Challenge Baseball[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Super Challenge Football[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Super Football[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Swordquest Fireworld[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Winter Games[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Yars’ Revenge[/size][/size]
[size=5][size=3]Zaxxon (2)[/size][/size]

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