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In Topic: Scramble (5200 Conversion)

Tue Sep 11, 2018 2:33 PM

It's indeed a pretty decent arcade conversion to the Atari. 

Using a Sega Genesis gamepad this is just WOW.


These are so cheap nowadays to buy (Ebay). It makes me want more Aracde Atari games using the Sega gamepad!

In Topic: Millionaire - our new game for the ABBUC Software Contest

Wed Aug 1, 2018 2:13 AM

Congrats Mapa and PG!


A lot visual "sugar" used in this production. Great work!

In Topic: Outlove 128 Bytes, released at Outline 2k18

Tue Jun 19, 2018 5:27 AM



My 128 bytes entry for Outline 2k18 can be found here:



Due to wrong Altirra config. by the organisers I had to put it in the Wild compo, but still happy with the result...



yep good one. I guess if I would try to program this scroller, my version would easily fill up 48 KB. At this point I would consider to switch off OS to gain some extra 10 KB or so :) 

I wonder how the approach works. First to make it run and then as small as possible? Or smallest possible right from the beginning?

In Topic: Gunship on Atari 8-Bit?

Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:29 AM

Nice find!!


Beside the question if a prototype exists or not ... Has anybody ever asked if it was a good game after all? I have never played any Gunship game on any platform. But let's say the C64 version would have been the closest thing to the Atari version. Was the C64 version a good game?


Now that we have spotted Atari heros converting C64 games (SCR)... well hypothetical ... would it be fun to play a "Gunship A8" if it would be available just like e.g SCR?




In Topic: FujiConvert 0.1

Tue May 29, 2018 11:58 PM

@FJC . One question to your PDM files. Do I have to put them on Fat32 partitions with APT medias?