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build problem with bogax' minikernel

Sun Sep 30, 2018 11:29 AM

Moving this conversation to it's own thread.

You can do a minikernel (mostly) in bB.
I don't know if thats helpful or just trying to dodge things that should be confronted head on.
ie you don't really need to know much assembly but you still need to know
nuts and bolts (and you need enough assembly to understand what you get from
bB anyway)

This code example wouldn't compile for me, not sure if I broke something in my bB setup?
got the error :
old value: $f699  new value: $f69c
old value: $00c6  new value: $00c9
segment:  fffc                    vs current org: 10004
      2190 bytes of ROM space left
D:\Applications\2600Development\Projects\Examples\x6_1_5.bas.asm (2841): error: Origin Reverse-indexed.

It works for me - I get the report due to shifting rom - but the compiled rom works.

The values reported are slightly different for me. Are you using the latest bB? I forget at which release it happened, but the dasm included with the my bB has fixes specifically related to shifting ROM.

I'm using 1.1dreveng41

boxcollision - easy software collision detection

Sat May 19, 2018 3:49 PM

I've noticed a few people struggling with software collision detection in the past, so I went ahead and backported the boxcollision routine from 7800basic, to a bB function. It can be used to detect collisions between different height and width sprites.

Included are simple examples for the standard, multisprite, and DPC+ kernels.

Box collisions are a bit expensive, so don't try to do a bunch in one frame, or you'll run out of cycles. And if one of your objects is one pixel wide and tall, it would likely be quicker to use a simple if...then, instead of this routine.

As always, enjoy!

T:ME Salvo source code

Fri May 11, 2018 5:20 PM

Like the subject says, I'm sharing the source code to T:ME Salvo.

Feel free to learn, copy, and enhance. The only real condition I've specified is if you sell a derivative work, it needs to be substantially different than Salvo, and be named something different. (I don't want unauthorised copies of Salvo popping up.)

Hoping someone finds this useful. :)