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CebusCapucinis' Blog > Review Four: A Capital Venture: Trust Me!

Posted 14 August 2011

Review Four is posted for the 12 Turn Program! Parker Brothers' "Trust Me"! Is it a boom or a bust?

A Capital Venture

CebusCapucinis' Blog > Review Three: Viva Dice Throwing: Casino Yahtzee

Posted 07 August 2011

Review Three is up! This week the 12 Turn Program takes a look at Casino Yahtzee. Is it Las Vegas, full of glitz and glamor, or Soddom & Gomorrah, meant only for destruction? Take a look and find out!

Viva Dice Throwing: Casino Yahtzee

CebusCapucinis' Blog > 12 Turn Program: Review Two: I Butle, Sir

Posted 01 August 2011

Second review is up on The 12 Turn Program! I review 13 Dead End Drive -- is it as good as the commercials when I was 10 years old? Who knows? Find out!

I Butle, Sir

CebusCapucinis' Blog > Board game Blog begins!

Posted 26 July 2011

I'm starting a weekly Board Game blog. I'll be reviewing a different board game every week. Here's the link:


In the first posts you'll find an explanation of my reviews, a rating system, and the very first review: Roller Coaster Tycoon!

CebusCapucinis' Blog > Growing up Atari

Posted 28 April 2010

I have talked about this quite a bit, so I am sorry if someone has heard this already.

Today I went through some of my Atari collection and played some of the old carts. Of course, I inevitably got to Space Invaders. My Space Invaders has got to be one of the worst examples of an Atari pic label cart on Earth; the end label is barely hanging by a thread,...