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#3445615 BitWriter 1050 Replica - Interest poll

Posted by sloopy on Sat Feb 20, 2016 10:23 AM

I would be interested in one...

#3305405 Announcing: Netwalk port for Atari 8-bit

Posted by sloopy on Fri Aug 21, 2015 5:13 PM

Well, don't build it up too much. :)  It was a fun logic game to do, and it has a bit of an addictive nature, so I just hope you guys have some fun with it.  Worst case, you just paid a little bit more than you might have otherwise for the parts!  Below is an emulator screenshot of the hard level from a beta build.  Colors are a bit subdued there, but you get the idea.  It's all about completing the "circuit" by closing every open endpoint.





'a bit' of an addictive nature? while I was on the phone for work in a meeting... I was playing and couldnt stop and didnt realize they were talking to me...



#3253420 Atari 800 with VBXE possible?

Posted by sloopy on Mon Jun 8, 2015 9:03 AM

It will work, I did it as a test for someone when Incognito was released, havnt gotten to actually finish the install by putting it together yet. But if you work out the logistic of physical install it works beautifully.


I used a ~5inch 40 pin ribbon cable on the Antic/VBXE and planned on making a small slit in the shield to mount the VBXE in the open space on the left side, three people have acutally asked me to do this when its complete.



#3186161 Ball Knob Group Order

Posted by sloopy on Wed Feb 25, 2015 11:51 PM

Chas twisted my arm, so I have to buy...


2 CV and 2 FB please.


Also, your location says behind me, so I threw the cash over my shoulder, did you get it? :D



#2568208 Atari 65XE keyboard & power light fault

Posted by sloopy on Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:43 PM

I've recently received my Atari XL PSU from UPS, which took me by surprise after 5PM.

I'm impressed by the fact you're able to fill multiple threads for weeks with an issue that is about as simple as changing the battery of a wrist watch...

What does that mean? Are you saying you can change a wrist watch battery yourself? I never have. I didn't think they were supposed to be changed by the wearer, only by a jeweller or watch repairer. Next thing you know, you'll be telling me you can change a watch strap all by yourself, so if you can do it then ANYONE can do it! BTW, I can play guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. If I can do it, then ANYONE can do it!

Quite honestly, replacing the battery or strap in a wrist watch is rather easy task if you have a modicum of manual dexterity... Playing musical instruments on the other hand can be impossible if you dont have certain skills, either learned or naturally...

The only thing I do with music these days is tell my kids 'turn that sheet down!' ;')


#2561931 VBXE, Pre-Order thread...

Posted by sloopy on Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:36 PM

Sorry, I have been working alot at my job since this storm so havnt been able to get much done around the hobby... I am hoping to get back on it tonight/tomorrow at the latest...

The package to the UK hasnt shipped yet... It is whats first on my list tonight... followed by installs for the machines that need to be done of the first batch...


#2559800 Atari 65XE keyboard & power light fault

Posted by sloopy on Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:41 AM

I'm with Bill on that, If you reuse the DIN plug from the Ingot you reuse a part (which you said you wanted to do) and it will ensure you don't use the "Ingot" again.

At the moment my only PSU for my Atari 65XE is the "Ingot". If I cut off its connector, then I'll no longer have a PSU unless I succeed in attaching it to a new PSU which is compatible. I may not be able to do this.

my son who is 13, was capable of doing this... when he was 11... I am sure you will be fine ;')


#2559581 Ultimate1MB - new preorder

Posted by sloopy on Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:31 AM

I accept complaints, compliments, and even criticism... but I have not, will not, and never will accepts 'kudos'...

I just dont like the word...

Also you said 'take ones job seriously', for you this may be a job... but to most of us, its a hobby... sebastian does alot with the hardware he has produced and sold... this is a 'hobby' and anyone else is more then welcome to make a better document for installing the U1mb (or any other A8 mod, whether sebatians or someone elses). This is common for 'projects' in the various communities of hobbyist, whether it is for the A8 or any other subject matter. It seems hundreds of U1mb's have been installed, and NOT ONE PERSON has felt the instructions are so bad that they have made something better...

And your opinion of a sio2pc not needing directions is simply in a word, bullshit.


#2557940 To 800XL or not to 800XL?

Posted by sloopy on Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:38 AM

... the main diff to software is the ext mem in the 130XE... which can be added to the 65XE (easily) and to the 800XL (not as easy, but not difficult at all). ...


I thought adding memory to a 65XE was really hard? Similar to what you did when you added memory to that XEGS?

In NTSC land adding mem in a 65XE is hard, relatively speaking... PAL 65XE's are (almost always) 130XE's without the ext mem and EMMU installed, so its just a matter of installing the DRAMs, and EMMU.

NTSC 65XE, and 800XL are the same for the most part, you need to replace the DRAMs and put in the support circuits... using something like the U1mb or the Hias 512k SRAM upgrades are two of the easiest

The XEGS is the worst of the bunch, as the 64kx4bit DRAMs it uses arent pin compatible with the 256kx4bit DRAMs. So, where as the 800XL and NTSC 65XE you can replace the 64kx1bits with 256kx1bit, and add circuitry, the XEGS you really need to either use a self contained upgrade that holds the RAM, or you need to do alot of solder work...

Also note, the 600XL (both PAL and NTSC) use the 4bit DRAMs like the XEGS, but the 16kx4bit are upwardly compatible so 64k upgrade is simple, but adding ext ram to the 600XL gives the similar issues to the XEGS, with the exception of the Hias 512k SRAM upgrade is easier since it can be piggybacked on the OS or BASIC...


#2557255 130XE With Bad RAM?

Posted by sloopy on Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:14 AM

If you look at the bottom of this page:

41256 41256 256k Video RAM Yes 1 $0.95

these are the right ones, but you should be able to find them in the US with cheaper/faster shipping...
(there is nothing wrong with getting them at Futurlec, its just the are over seas so shipping is either cheap/long or pricey/fast, and yes I order from them, I get my sockets from them)

finally i remembered it...

for the sockets:
or ask them if these are 'double wipe', if they are then they will work also:

and lastly, dont try to do this yourself if you have no soldering experience, especially if the 130XE is a Rev 3 or Rev4 (shows rev number to the left of the kb conn), as these boards are rather fragile and its easy to lift a trace/pad on them...


#2556993 130XE With Bad RAM?

Posted by sloopy on Tue Jul 10, 2012 7:22 PM

Get some 41256's, run a line across all the pin 1's to ground...

Later when you decide to upgrade to a '320 XE' you can follow this thousand words mixed up into a pic...

Posted Image

Ignore the wire on the base ram, it shows the pin 1's connected, but its not drawn correctly...

#2555623 New GUI for the Atari 8 bit - POLL

Posted by sloopy on Sun Jul 8, 2012 3:25 PM

I think a small board with 1Meg of Ext ram, SDX and FJC's GUI on it would be great!!!

if you can, add a RTC too!


#2551852 130XE With Bad RAM?

Posted by sloopy on Sun Jul 1, 2012 6:40 PM

Thanks for the replies. So from reading a lot of similar threads on this forum plus the replies here it would seem I *probably* just have some bad RAM (maybe only one even). But I can't easily check because I don't have any good RAM to try piggy-backing (this is the only unit I own and I don't really want to buy any because of minimum order requirements just to get a single item). I also do not want to touch it myself even if I find the bad ones after reading how fragile they are - I am not at all skilled in soldering and I don't even have a good work area. So I am back to either paying someone who would be willing to fix it for me (most likely want to socket everything - what would that reasonably cost?) or maybe trade it plus some $$ for a working model. I would certainly rather do either with someone here who knows and loves Atari - especially in the case of getting it repaired. Maybe it's not worth all that?

If you want to try piggy back, I'll send you a 64x1 dram, fer free. You can PM me, I don't know how to do that. Opening a 130XE is pretty easy. Four screws and then the shielding, which on mine is long
gone, so I don't know how tough removing the shielding would be. Be real specific on removing the keyboard tape to mb, lift up the keyboard, leaving the front down, then pull up on the cable at
the mb connectorl. Putting it back in, you gotta hold the ribbon close to the connector and push it in so it seats, making sure the ribbon is left to right centered so the contacts line up.
Actually, I think you can just lift up the top of the keyboard and lay it over on the bench, without removing the ribbon cable. That would be even better.
OK, I never tried it before. Don't do like I did and try piggybacking after power up. Piggy back with the power off, making sure all pins are lined up, THEN turn the computer on. Also, when you
lay the keyboard on the bench, have something about the thickness of a cartridge to put under the left and right sides of the keyboard to keep from a key being pressed.
Better yet, don't do it. Now my 130XE won't run. Wait, I think I found it. It is my video jack. It has been messed up before, just playing with it can make it flakey. I get good
boot with RF.

Ok...so tell me....what happened when you tried piggy-backing AFTER power-up??? Seriously, thanks for the tips.

Sure. When I first tried piggy backing, I was trying with the computer already booted up. That resulted most often with a corrupted screen and a crash. So, I learned not to do it that way.
I then put the DRAM on the computer DRAM with the power off, then powered up. It always powered up normally then, no hang/crash/corrupted screen. It requires power down, piggy back,
power up for each of 16 DRAMs I guess, one at a time. If there is more than one bad DRAM, I guess you might see some improvement, but not get a good boot. I certainly wish Sloopy
or someone with more knowledge would tell us how it should be done.

I see I have a PM, I haven't read it yet. If you give me your address, I'll send two DRAMs. To be sure, you have to be certain the notch on the chips are toward the left.


I dont use the 'piggyback' method of checking DRAMs... if they say 'MT' on them, I just replace them ALL... the MT DRAMs used in 130XE's suck...


#2535343 VBXE, Pre-Order thread...

Posted by sloopy on Mon Jun 4, 2012 1:30 AM

and, taking a break from it for a min, and going over it again... and the 3rd one now passes the VBXE color bars... just need to do stability testing and its golden...


#2532477 VBXE, Pre-Order thread...

Posted by sloopy on Wed May 30, 2012 3:17 PM

Sorry, I have them to the point of just needing the ANTIC conn, and testing... which will be done tonight, but had planned on doing monday...

Friday my first grandson was born and daughter had 48 hours of labor before, so I hadnt gotten anything done from last Thur until Sunday afternoon... So Sunday, Monday, Tuesday nights I have been up until 4-5am getting theses done.


will be shipped after testing which i hope to complete tomorrow night...

also, I will be streaming live, working on them after about 20:00-21:00 eastern US time...