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Learning fbForth 2.0 > Lesson 3a: Better Temperature Conversion Words

Posted 15 August 2015

We can write better temperature conversion words than we did at the end of the last lesson.  If you thought that the words using /MOD were contrived to introduce /MOD , you were mostly on target.  To obviate the necessity of using /MOD , all we need to do is to manage the dividend before division by adding half of the divisor.  As bef...

Learning fbForth 2.0 > Lesson 3: Stack Manipulation and a Little Programming

Posted 30 July 2015

In this lesson we will learn a few new arithmetic words, several words for stack manipulation and how to use them all in programming, i.e ., defining new words.
Before we do much more Forth arithmetic, let’s exercise our brains with some infix-to-postfix and postfix-to-infix conversions.  Remember that infix notation is the same as a...

Learning fbForth 2.0 > Lesson 2: More fbForth 2.0 Fundamentals

Posted 15 July 2015

This lesson will discuss more of the details of RAM organization, working with the stack and some minimal Forth programming.
The 32 KiB expansion RAM on the TI-99/4A is organized as follows in fbForth 2.0 :  The 8 KiB lower RAM (2000h – 3FFFh) contains four fbForth block buffers, low-level Assembly Language support, system globa...

Learning fbForth 2.0 > Lesson 1: Getting to know fbForth 2.0

Posted 09 July 2015

This is the first of several tutorials to help those new to Forth, fbForth 2.0 in particular, to understand the language and its programming environment, as well as to gain some facility with it.  fbForth is based on TI Forth, which was derived mostly from FIG-Forth with some influence from Forth-79.  There are more recent Forth stand...