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#2412332 mini-usb port cover for the harmony cart

Posted by player 0ne on Wed Nov 23, 2011 7:23 PM

horay! you know that mini-usb port on the harmony cart? the one that is rarely used and points up to collect dust? well, now there are little rubber plugs made just for miniusb ports. Open ports on your phone or other electronics just invite dust, moisture, and debris inside.

These tiny soft rubber plugs sell on ebay for more $. Since there is a wholesale bag sitting here they can be sold to atariage members pretty darn cheap! Also, these really need to move. so you will be helping a fellow member.

if you want more than one, or would also be interested in usb port covers, please PM me.

Price is $1 including shipping.

It would be helpful to know what you think of this product!

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#2396789 WTF goes through the mind of an eBay seller?

Posted by player 0ne on Thu Oct 27, 2011 1:55 PM

greeed. most people would rather have nothing then just enough. you see plenty of store fronts sit empty in towns that desperately need business. its because they want to rent them for too much money. they would rather loose money to taxes and let the place fall apart than accept less than they THINK its worth. even if the place sits vacant forever. even if they are hungry and poor. they would rather loose it to the tax man than rent it cheap..

my father in law has a house he rents out. he wants $1000 a month for it. my friend offered him $600 a month CASH , with several months up front. 2 years ago. my in law would not accept the deal. he said he wanted $1000/mo. well, that was two years ago. no one has rented the place since. now, from lack of maintainance pipes have frozen, grass and weeds have taken over. things that would be ok if someone was living there are now falling apart. my friend didnt care about having to fix and maintain small things. my F.I.L. hasnt been able to do all the work cause we live too far away.

so which would have been better. $600/mo for 2 years, or $0, plus the place is falling apart. I tried to point this out to him and he said "im not giving this place away for free. i want $1000/mo. its a nice house. If i cant get $1000/mo ide rather it just sit here."

so there you have it. we cant pay the mortgage on the house we live in. we are gonna get kicked out, lose all the mortgage payments weve made, and have to move back into the rental. which needs alot of work now from sitting vacant. probably gonna lose alot of belonging, as they wont all fit in rental house. also will lose shop, and acres of property. all because he didnt want to rent the house for $400 less a month than he was asking.

oh, btw, he has to make mortgage payments on the rental as well, and has been making them for the last 2 years.

soooo, greed.. stupidity??

i would rather give something away than let it goto waste. i am in the minority.

#2370029 Atari's "My First Computer" for the 2600

Posted by player 0ne on Sun Sep 11, 2011 1:57 PM

someone needs to reinvent this. why not. they are making NES-onna-chip computers now for $12 for third world countries. straight up computers, using the NES-chip. why not atari. i'll plug a modern compumate into my modded flashback 2, and plug a headphone jack into my mp3 player to load software. it would be awesome. make a passthough for a cart AND passthough for controllers. i'de still spend $100 on it. heck, im waiting at the mailbox for my harmony cart! why not other new hardware? when is the atarivox comming back? anything else? why not a relay controller and a little relay controller cart? heck, the hardware part of that is ALLMOST within my skill range.
you could have the atari turn on/off house lights, a relay for watering the garden,

oh, and ide love to see book carts. like with txt from a book on um. pointless now, but they would have helped sell atari back in the day.. non-game. youll see lots of my posts about non-game stuff..

#2360124 Lets create a NEW 2600 Mod: Speaker Mod

Posted by player 0ne on Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:52 AM

after the mod i mentioned, the AV sound would still work and the powered speakers could be turned off..

most computer speakers will not use the powered speakers if a headphone is plugged into them. they have a headphone jack on the front of them and the circuit switches off the speakers. at least thats how several i have seen work.

this could be an advantage with old tvs. for portables. better sound than some single speaker crap. it may be great for use with a sythcart. someone sells a sythcart modded 2600 with no video output. this way you wouldnt even NEED some external sound equip. besides, if you want a headphone jack thats got volume control a set of used computer speakers hooked to an av mod seems cheap. since you would have the speakers why not mount them anyway.

since atari thought about putting speakers into them anyway.. would this be such a bad mod. it was the companies idea, and they didnt follow through with it,. why shouldnt we?

and i want the power supply in it as well. there sure is alot of free space in them things. if your wall wart is external then it is using electricity ALL THE TIME. oh sure, just unplug it or switch off the external surge protector. why can the power supply be in the atari, and the power switch cut off the AC supplying the transformer. when you turn off the power the atari uses NO juice. you would not have to deal with an external wall wart.
Im sure there was some lame reason they didnt to this. like liability or ease of replacement. but there is no good reason for us not to do this.

If the FB2 HAD a cart port i wouldnt be modding one in. if atari hadnt stopped working on the 2600 i wouldnt be trying to come up with new ideas. its only some bastard hack cause they arent paying me. then it would be called development. we wouldnt be trying to reverse engineer things if they were open about how they are made.

#2359607 When did you first get a 2600?

Posted by player 0ne on Sun Aug 28, 2011 4:25 PM

trashpicked a broken one when i was 7. took me a long time to figure out how to fix it, just a broken power cord, but i was only 7! cut me a break! loved defender. traded it for outdated nintendo with more games. :(

20 years later i got a 2600a and FB2 to mod out. the harmony cart will save me from trying to collect carts (unless stupid cheap) and the crazy aftermarket stuff and homebrews and new hardware should keep me entertained. plus, if i can learn any programming that would be cool

#2358144 FB3...

Posted by player 0ne on Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:27 PM

there should be other new hardware for the 2600. like a new multiple cartdrige switching device. i just lost one on ebay. saw one a flea market and missed it. why arent new ones made.

it would be fun to use new hardware with a new FB

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