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Has anyone ever made a Jaguar gamepad adaptor for the Sega Genesis?

Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:16 AM

I was thinking it would be interesting to hook up a Jaguar gamepad to a Sega Genesis. Does one exist? Could it exist?

One POKEY chip.

Sat Jan 5, 2019 5:28 PM

I'm suddenly in the 7800 world. I have no Pokey (and I want to buy Super Circus AtariAge).

Anyone want to sell me a Pokey?

I have an Atari 400 I'm not using, but it seems a shame just to butcher it for one chip. Anyway, hoping to hear from you if you can sell me one or want to trade.


Do you have a really good scan of the Cookie Monster Munch overlay?

Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:38 AM

I've had some good luck reproducing Kids controller overlays using cardstock and "rolling" a large marble over an area to indent. Makes buttons!

Anyways, I'm giving my two kids the CTW deluxe package for Christmas (all four games and 2 kids controllers), but I'm missing a Cookie Monster Munch overlay.

Can someone post a high resolution scan (like 300 dpi or more) ? It would be seriously appreciated.

Wasn't able to find a nice image floating around on the internet last I checked. Also if anyone is interested in reproducing homemade ones of their own, I can post scans of my originals for the other three games.

Cookie Monster Munch controller overlay by Xmas?

Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:44 AM


Anybody out there have a Cookie Monster Munch controller overlay for the Kid's Controller? For sale or trade or whatever?

I've got the cart, instructions and even the box, but no overlay, and it's something I'd like to get under the Xmas tree for my 3-year-old. Lemme know if you can help.


WTB: some uncommon to rare 2600 manuals

Thu Dec 6, 2018 12:13 AM

Hello! I'm looking for the 2600 manuals below. Got any? Will consider offering cash or a trade if that's more interesting to you.

Star Fox (Mythicon)
Frontline (Coleco -2600 version)
Spy Hunter
Cookie Monster Munch (controller overlay)
Sir Lancelot
Stargate (color printing)
Demolition Herby
Star Gunner
Telesys catalog
Xonox Catalog
Spectravision catalog
Cross Force
China Syndrome
Mogul Maniac
Room of Doom
Tooth Protectors

Please let me know if you would like to negotiate over one or several and we can get the ball rolling.

Hehe, I know some of these are crazy rare and I'll treat them accordingly. Maybe some are more likely... Still I never know what's out there so here they all are.