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#2559939 All Atari records digitized on one DVD

Posted by Jek on Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:38 PM

Hi everyone!
and a special Hi to tremoloman!

How nice to see that you people are yet interested in this special theme of videogame-preserving.
If anyone starts up a further project, please let me know.

Many greetings from rainy :-( Germany


#1525622 All Atari records digitized on one DVD

Posted by Jek on Sun May 25, 2008 10:50 AM

Hi everybody,

+++ Please notice: All DVDs are gone +++

some times ago, I discovered my first atari-game related record from "Kid Stuff Records" a record label wich had the official licence from Atari and Nintendo to produce story-records from famous videogames. The longplayers are a mixture of cool music and storytelling, the 7-inch-records are mostely story with a readalongbook inside cover so you can watch text and pictures wile you listen to the record. I was completely hooked and decided to collect them all.
After some years of research I got 20(!) different records, which I completely digitized and put on a DVD. For EuroCon 2007, I produced 50(!) of them - each numbered on box and on the DVD. They contain all audio-files as "wav" and "mp3" as well as all readalong books as PDF-documents. The PDFs were made from my scans, which had to be "refreshed" with Photoshop side by side.


All together it took me 2 years to digitize and assemble all of those stuff. The result are nearly 4 GigaByte of data from all the records!

This is the assumed to be COMPLETE set of Videogame-related Kid-Stuff records and this is what´s on the DVD:

Longplayers: (wav, mp3, cover scans, info)

Donkey Kong
Missile Command
Pac-Man Adventures
Pac-Man Album
Pac-Man Christmas Album
Yars´ Revenge

7 inch readalong books (wav, mp3, cover scans, info and PDFs of the storybooks)

Missile Command
Star Raiders
Yars´ Revenge
Adventures of Super Pac-Man
Baby Pac-Man goes to the Market
Ms Pac-Man´s Price Pupil
Pac-Man and the Ghost Diggers
Pac-Man Picnic
Pac-Man goes to Playland
Pac-Man Run for Fun
Pac-Man The Christmas Story

and some odd other things.... :-)

there are 20 of my DVDs left.
If you like to have one of these DVDs, please send me a message

I sell them for $15 each (producing costs (pressing, printing) - not for my work or the content)
Airmail shipping worldwide is $6 (sorry, I had to update shippingcosts. Does not affect anyone who had paid til now)

Some notes:
This DVD is a PC/MAC-readable DVD.
You have free access to all the content. The data-files are in normal open file formats and the DVD can be controlled with a HTML-Menu on your PC (if you want).
This is not a movie DVD - its a collection of knowledge and data.
Some of the original records were in the hands of kids and this of course affects qualitiy. I did my work it as good as I was able to.
My software could remove lots of noise and scratches from the files, but not everything.
I do not want to find my DVD on ebay when some people would love to get one. So I only sent one piece to one person.
Who comes first gets first. If they are gone they are gone - forever. I do not make any more.

Many greetings