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A First Time For Everything

Sun Jun 3, 2018 12:12 PM

I found the TI system that runs The Hidden Reef BBS had crashed one day last week. It's normally a rare occasion for the system to crash and usually the system runs 24/7 month after month and only crashes when a drive or some other piece of hardware dies. Of course when the Reef system does crash it's usually when I'm away on business or vacation time or as is currently the case we are working dawn to dark on my real job which is the same as being away from home. After performing some of the usual tests of the system RAM Disk ROS and other possible corrupted DSR problems. I reseated all the cards in the P-Box to see if that might correct the crashing problem. No improvement so I started removing cards from the P-Box one at a time to possibly expose a card that is the problem. After removing all but the fire hose card I happen to notice the third connector over from the fire hose card has the #1 tang bent over and under the IDE card that had been inserted in that slot. This particular P-Box had been running The Hidden Reef system for over twenty years. I have never had this happen to any P-Box before. Not sure if I bent the tang when I reinserted the cards or if the system had been running that way with the tang bent. Will have to install a new connector base and see if it solves the crashing problem. I guess there's a first time for everything.