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#4085288 ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Posted by freetz on Sat Aug 4, 2018 12:22 PM

Can we have pictures / videos please?

What can we play this fall?


Thanks also to ChariieChaplin's tireless efforts, you have not only pictures/videos, but also the disk versions online four days after the deadline (members only, as usual). Just go to http://asc.abbuc.de and read about the composition of your username and password (maybe you saved it in your browser last year, then you don't have to think about it ;) ) and go to the link on the bottom of the page. Enjoy.

#4084556 ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Posted by freetz on Fri Aug 3, 2018 5:32 AM

@1NG: Feel free to put up all these suggestions to vote at the GA. If they get majority support, I'm fine with it.

But I'm out of the discussion when you keep saying that we are "hiding" behind the rule as if we had a sinister motive, when you insist that money was the reason although I've explained at length the rationale behind our decision.

We knew right from the start that the decision wouldn't be liked by everybody, especially the programmers involved (which is perfectly understandable) and that's why we were saying already in the first e-mail to you that we can and should discuss about this at the GA. And I'm sitting here in the middle of the Swedish countryside, halfway through my annual leave with just mobile phone internet. Do you really think that in that situation I bother about whether anybody gets a cup or 50 Euros or whatever?


I (and all others involved) do this in my free time because I take the tasks seriously that I have been voted to do by club members at a time when nobody wanted to do this job - because it's part of my hobby, not because I want to make other peoples lives miserable. If I did not take it seriously, it would be a waste of my (due to three kids under four years very limited free) time. If you disagree with our decisions, come up with concrete constructive criticism and we can take it from there. But do not expect us to change the rules on the fly just because you or anyone else says so. If you would handle it that way, fine. I (honestly!) don't mind passing over the position of head of the software ressort to you if you want.

#4084524 ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Posted by freetz on Fri Aug 3, 2018 1:42 AM

@emkay: The members have (at some point, before I was even an ABBUC member) decided on these rules, probably for a reason. They are not misleading, they rather do not cover every possible situation. You have the same thing with laws in real life, and that's why you have judges or jurys to make decisions. Just because you don't like a decision of a judge or a jury, would you seriously suggest to have a vote by all citizens on that matter (apart from the fact that we don't have current e-mail addresses from more than half of the 400+ ABBUC members)? Maybe every time someone doesn't like a decision? Good luck with that.

We'll have a vote on the future of these rules at the GA (and if you want, also on the next head of the software ressort, I don't mind). Then you can do away with every rule you think is nonsense or with the whole rule-set completely, provided the majority of the fee-paying members concurs.


@1NG: Thanks, I also think less emotions in this respect are better. And maybe some constructive criticism, such as how people who want the rules to be changed would suggest how the rules should be phrased in the future. Then we'd already have some concrete options to be discussed at the GA. But again, neither GU2 nor RoA was "prefiltered" because anyone thought the game was bad or that no money should be spent on it. I have said this several times now, but apparently it doesn't get heard.

#4084025 ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Posted by freetz on Thu Aug 2, 2018 3:09 AM

@MaPa: Exactly, let's say you were able to shoot the monster and there was more than just one or you could collect power-ups to break through the playfield objects etc., these would have changed the gaming experience from just avoiding the obstacles and the monster towards "actively" engaging with the surroundings which I would have considered a significant change in the gaming experience.

#4083991 ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Posted by freetz on Thu Aug 2, 2018 12:27 AM

@Level42: There are no doubts about the rule for which RoA has been disqualified. The rule is clear and states that submissions of already existing games are only allowed if the submission has been enhanced significantly ("wesentlich" in German). According to section 4.1, the head of the software ressort checks with the head of the club (Wolfgang) whether the conditions have been met. We have even included two more people usually involved in the contest, but the decision has still been unanimous. Rules like 2.3.1 can never cover all possible aspects and it would be hardly practical to refer to the general assembly in these matters, especially when voting has already started. That's why 4.1 refers the decision to the head of the software ressort and the club president. But as I said before, we realize that members might want to handle this process differently in the future. Which is why we want to have a discussion about it, with our suggestions mentioned above. If the majority wants all games accepted, no matter what, then that is fine with me (and would make my life a lot easier).


@+Adam+: I don't know about the games you mentioned in detail, but I've heard about it raising eyebrows. I cannot comment on decisions that others have made, but given the fact that according to Fandal's site, Game Harry was published in 2007 and the competition entry was in 2015, i.e. eight years later, I assume that the first game has slipped under the radar. We're all humans, and I could not possibly know about all possible doublettes either. I (and probably my predecessors, too) would be depending on the assistance of others who bring such a fact to my attention. If this happens, then a disqualification according to 4.1 could still take place until voting day. But if no one has brought this to the attention of the club, then it was just an unfortunate chain of events and/or a possibly wrong decision. But even a potentially wrong decision in the past cannot possibly mean that the respective rule should now no longer applied for at all. Even professional judges make wrong decisions, but that does not mean the laws are no longer applied.


Also let me emphasize that the game has not been disqualified because of "lack of quality" or anything like that. I'm a very strong supporter of letting the members decide whether they like a game or not (and have received quite a bashing from some members last year why I accepted so much "crap" into last year's contest). But this decision was not about the quality of the game (and I have explained this to both 1NG and 8bitjunkie before the decision was published), but a decision on what we see as a risk if we start accepting games whose main change are new/enhanced levels, because then we may have more and more submissions which just consist of the same game with new levels (maybe even automatically generated). (And yes, I know that GU2/RoA also has new graphics and splash screens and a new scoring system, but this does not change the gaming experience in a significant way).


We interpret 2.3.1 in such a way that if the game is not new, then at least the gaming experience should be new, for example a change from single player to simultaneous two- or multiplayer, or a change of perspective within the game (such as it was the case on the PC with Warcraft 3 and the "Frozen Throne" sequel), or the perspective literally changes because a top-view puzzler becomes a platform puzzler (as it was the case with Dimo's Quest and Dimo's Dungeon).


Again, we did not and do not take this decision lightly and we will abide by any decision made by the GA on the future of this rule. But I would ask everyone to at least acknowledge that there is reason behind our decision and that we did it with what we think is necessary for the contest as a whole. I'm personally saddened that it has affected members whom I know have contributed greatly to the software landscape of the Atari as well as to ABBUC, but as the "referees" of this competition, we cannot let ourselves be guided by personal sympathies.


#4083446 ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Posted by freetz on Wed Aug 1, 2018 6:34 AM

So now that the deadline has passed, here are the contributions that have reached us for the 2018 competition:

- Black Bouncy Blob (Martin Simecek, Jose Pereira)
- Kowalsky's Fury (Kamil Trzaska)
- Rescue on Atarius (1NG)
- Millionaire (Marek Pavlík and Zdeněk Eisenhammer)
- Ski-It (Jason Kendall)

- AT-File 1.0 (Holger Bommer)

- Atarikett 1.7 (Holger Bommer und Marc Brings)

As the minimum amount of three submissions has not been reached for the "Tools" segment, there will be no competition according to section 4.2.2 of the rules.


After careful considerations with Wolfgang as the club's president, we have decided not to accept Rescue on Atarius (RoA). RoA is basically "Get Up 2" which had been submitted and since revoked by 8bitjunkie. RoA had the title and title screen altered, while keeping the remaining features of "Get Up 2". "Get Up 2" was a visually enhanced version of "Get Up" with new levels, and the latter had already participated in the 2016 competition. We have discussed whether new levels as the main change in the program constitutes the "significant" changes that the rules demand according to section 2.3.1, and have come to the decision that this is not the case in our opinion. Our decision also derives from the consideration that we want to avoid setting a precedence in this way and subsequently have more and more games in future competitions which take existing games and merely add new levels to it.


However, we are aware that this decision may not be shared by all (in addition to the programmers). Therefore we will have a discussion and subsequent vote at the JHV in October on the future of section 2.3.1 - whether we remove the restriction completely, whether we state specific conditions that have to be met or whether we do not allow existing programs at all. In the end, the members of ABBUC will then decide how they want "their" competition to be like, and that's the way we'll handle it then from next year onwards.


The final list of accepted contributions is therefore:

- Black Bouncy Blob (Martin Simecek, Jose Pereira)
- Kowalsky's Fury (Kamil Trzaska)
- Millionaire (Marek Pavlík und Zdeněk Eisenhammer)
- Ski-It (Jason Kendall)


Voting is open on the online portal from 1 September onwards.






#4082740 ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Posted by freetz on Tue Jul 31, 2018 4:31 AM

No, you have to upload everything in one go, this way we make sure that people can't say later that they forgot to erase old screenshots etc.

Send me an e-mail to software@abbuc.de before you edit anything, then I can send you the images you have uploaded before and then you can update your entry in one go.

#4082369 ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Posted by freetz on Mon Jul 30, 2018 1:17 PM

The deadline is 23:59:59 on 31st July German time (GMT+2). That's how the portal is coded and as ABBUC is a Germany-based club, that should not be an issue. The portal will automatically close, so better hurry up ;)...

#4066282 ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Posted by freetz on Mon Jul 9, 2018 5:08 AM

No, promoting the program is fine, just don't make it available/distribute it to a larger audience (a limited amount of beta testers is fine).


One more note: I'll be going on holidays on Saturday and will return only in beginning of August, i.e. after the deadline. For those who have not submitted through the new online system, I would advise to just submit a draft before end of this week. This way you can still reach me in case of problems (which should not arise if you duly follow the process :) ). You can still update your entry right until the deadline, so there is not harm in submitting early.

#4062932 SIO2Arduino

Posted by freetz on Wed Jul 4, 2018 9:03 AM

Hi Farb,


thanks for the response, I will have a look at SDrive Max which also looks great, but I really liked that SIO2Arduino works on a plain Arduino Uno.

As for my problem, I found out that I have to use the RVERTER handler and with this one, I can communicate fine between the Atari and the Arduino via my Atariduino shield. I wish I had known back then how relatively easy it is to do serial communication over the SIO port without expensive devices such as the 850.

Here's a little demo (sorry, German voice-over only) for this year's hardware contest, and it also runs SIO2Arduino with just a few code modifications, too (not shown here though):

#4062426 ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Posted by freetz on Tue Jul 3, 2018 9:32 AM

More or less, this year's rules are here:

#4014008 ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Posted by freetz on Tue Apr 24, 2018 2:39 AM

You guys are more German than the Germans ;)... Corrected.

#4013444 ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Posted by freetz on Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:26 AM

The updated rules are now online on the likewise (marginally) updated ASC website - happy coding!

#3984373 ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Posted by freetz on Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:55 AM

Thanky, certainly feels like it :)...

#3984328 ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Posted by freetz on Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:09 AM

Our third kid has just been born, so I haven't had time to update the website. However, the rules are the same as the ones last year, except some minor changes in the voting process.