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In Topic: Rare 1982 ColecoVision folder with videogame flyers (plus my blog)

Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:04 AM

Delete the blog

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In Topic: Power switch options.

Tue Aug 8, 2017 2:43 PM


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In Topic: Tomorrow is LAST DAY to pre-order the SGM

Sun Aug 6, 2017 12:54 PM

For those that have an ADAM computer. If your printer does not work anymore and you do not want to use the ADAM printer anymore, many people back in the 80’s would remove the Coleco power supply from the ADAM printer and trash the printer and keep on using the small printer power supply to power the ADAM computer. Technically one can also connect a Laser printer to the ADAM if they have a third party hardware device.
I like the idea of a third party drop in motherboard replacement for the ColecoVision. However if these replacement motherboards are going to be manufactured in China using high quality surface mount components, then how much more would it cost to have China place a black plastic case around the motherboard and call the game console a ColecoVision II?
Has anyone tried to use a real ColecoVision hand controller on a Windows PC with an emulation program? In addition, it should be possible to make an external cartridge slot with a USB plug on the other end. Then with an emulation software be able to read the rom image on a PC. Its possible today to make a ColecoVision II that uses Linux with a modern miniature PC, and as long as the game system has a ColecoVision cartridge slot and a black ColecoVision plastic case, no one would know that they really are playing on a Linux platform using emulation software.  

Agreed. If you're going through the trouble of an all new board, just make a new console. Otherwise you just encourage the destruction of original, most likely repairable motherboards and badtardized cases. Commodore 64 is going through the same sort of thing right now.

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In Topic: Tomorrow is LAST DAY to pre-order the SGM

Sun Aug 6, 2017 9:05 AM

Just promise us you'll keep those 6 broken ColecoVisions for as long as you can. If someone in our community finally manages to finish a modern drop-in replacement motherboard, you'll be able to donate your consoles to have their electronics replaced, and then I'm sure those consoles will find good homes. :)

If he's gonna a donate, just donate to someone that likes fixing them. They're pretty easy to work on with basic skills.

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In Topic: Tomorrow is LAST DAY to pre-order the SGM

Sun Aug 6, 2017 9:03 AM

Yes. I had one from years ago that quit working, so I got another a few years back.  It also got flaky so I got another one that would flake out after being on for a few minutes.  So I got another one, and so on.  I now have 6 Colecos and none of them work properly.  I bought a DINA thinking it would be a solution for playing my games but it won't play a lot of homebrews.  This past January I bought 2 ADAMs hoping to have a good solution for playing my Coleco games (only 1 of them works properly), but at the time I didn't realize I'd have to use the printer to power it, so I've not had room to set it up since then.
I'm really looking forward to a reliable way to play my Coleco games.  I have a pretty sizable collection of cartridges and homebrews and right now, my best Coleco works kinda hit 'n' miss.
One of these days I'll probably look into paying someone to give them a good looking at to fix whatever the issue(s) are.  I'd do it myself, but I just don't have the time anymore (which is why I kept buying more hoping to get one that worked) so it would be worth it to pay someone else.

Are any or them for sale? Mine didn't work either after sitting 20 years, so I rebuilt the power supply and am in the process of upgrading the power switch since I screwed it up cleaning it. That's why I specified beyond repair, most of their problems are pretty easily addressed.

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