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StanJr's Blog > Board Game Development 5 Sometimes You Gotta Commit

Posted 15 November 2018

Ok, so after much hemming and even more hawing (it wasn't pretty), I think I'm going to build this game primarily as a solitaire game with multiplayer options.  It was conceived as a solitaire board game way back in the day and I think that is where it's the strongest.   That takes a lot of the pressure off making sure that the game is fun for 2...

StanJr's Blog > Board Game Development Part 4 Complexity

Posted 25 October 2018

I was going to talk Scenario building, but something else is really bugging me.  How much complexity will the average table top gamer endure?  I've played a LOT of modern board games and some are very simple and easy to jump right into, and some are more complex and take a few "guided" play throughs before they become easy to play (by "guided" I...

StanJr's Blog > I Suck at Blogging (Board Game Development Part 3)

Posted 23 October 2018

Turns out I really suck at blogging.  Summer was super busy and even though I've made TONS of progress on the BOARD GAME, I simply suck at taking the time to sit down a write about it.  Also, I have been advised to not be too forthcoming with details about the game play since I am getting near the prototype stage.
So without saying too mu...

StanJr's Blog > BOARD GAME (Development Part 2)

Posted 25 June 2018

So after getting some basic movements down and roughing in some combat, the game started to resemble the game from faded days of yore.  However, the edges were still really rough and I hadn't fully put my finger on what the character stats meant.  Since sometimes the only way ahead is through, I just kept playing very small micro-games with a ru...

StanJr's Blog > BOARD GAME (Development 1)

Posted 04 June 2018

Developing a board game is hard.  I can't even imagine starting from scratch now at my age.  I am extremely fortunate that I did all of the groundwork for this 25 years ago by pulling from AD&D, Hero Quest, NES RPGs and god knows what else.  Even so, developing a board game, even from a good start, is hard.  There's a whole lot of...