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Famicom Classic Mini Controller Port Mod

Thu Jan 3, 2019 5:38 PM

Yesterday I installed a controller port mod on my Famicom Classic so that I can use any of the NES Classic compatible controllers. Here are the instructions I followed:
Below are a few photos and here's the description for them:
1. The Famicom Classic does not have a "controller port" on it like the NES Classic does, so if you want to connect either an NES or SNES controller to the Famicom Classic, you can't without doing this mod.
Attached File  famicom 1.jpg   1.19MB   13 downloads
2. Just like the original 1980s Famicom, the Classic comes with the controllers hard-wired into the console. And I mean hard wired. It's not a controller port inside the case, they are attached via a connector right on the board!
Attached File  famicom 2.jpg   1.11MB   13 downloads
3. Another reason for doing the mod is that, keeping in with the theme of having the console be "mini" in order for the controllers to fit into the slots on the sides, just like the original console, the controllers also had to be shrunk down, which makes them almost unusable. They are "cute" absoultely, but not practical for playing games.
Attached File  famicom 3.jpg   1.23MB   12 downloads
4. That being said, I used one of the left over extension cord connectors to convert the mini Famicom controller so that I can plug it in and use it if I ever wanted to. Interestingly enough, these controllers ONLY work on the Famicom console and not on the NES mini.
Attached File  famicom 4.jpg   1.1MB   12 downloads
5. And now with this mod, I can use any number of controllers are compatible with the NES Classic connector including a number of controllers that were released for the Wii!
Attached File  famicom 5.jpg   1.1MB   12 downloads
Thanks for reading!


Issue getting Atari 8-Bit setup in RetroPie. Please help!

Thu Dec 20, 2018 1:28 PM

I'm working on getting Atari 8-Bit set up in RetroPie using the Atari800 emulator and most everything seems to be working just fine except for this:
My WASD keys don't deliver any input at all. I've tried multiple keyboards, checked to make sure they aren't currently bound to joystick controls in the emulator and I assume there is somewhere in the emulator which is binding them to "movement" but I can't seem to find it.
So right now, any game that requires pressing "S" to start, like the Scott Adams adventure games, I can't do anything with because my "S" key doesn't work.
I've scoured Google looking for solution but it seems there aren't many people who have set up Atari800 on the RetroPie because it most certainly isn't the most user friendly of emulators.
Anyone else run into this same issue and found a solution? Thank you in advance for your help!


Should we split "ADAM" discussion into its own sub-forum?

Thu May 10, 2018 10:05 AM

Please vote in the poll if you think we should have an ADAM specific sub-forum!


There are pros and cons to this, but I welcome any feedback from the community.  The decision will be yours!


EDIT: I will add the information I posted below to this original post...


While I am personally not going to vote in this because I am also on the fence about it, here is some of my thoughts and additional data points:


 - Following up from Albert's data point below on the 687 threads with ADAM in the title, I went back 6 months and only 17 of those threads were specific to ADAM.


 - PRO: An ADAM sub-forum gives ADAM users a place where they don't have to weed through non-ADAM related topics to easily contribute to discussions.


 - CON: Someone who is into ColecoVision and "casually" into ADAM may miss certain discussion because one more forum to have to read is... well.. one more forum to have to read.


 - IMO Only ADAM specific threads should go into the ADAM forum.  If it mentions "ColecoVision" or is a cross-over in anyway, it should stay in the ColecoVision forum.


For example, these are recent threads that would be candidates for an ADAM forum:





These are recent threads that crossover into both categories and should stay in the ColecoVision forum:





 - What about people who only own an Expansion Module #3?  Would the new forum only be for topics relating to stand-alone ADAMs or would it include topics for the ColecoVision expansion module?


 - What about Development posts?  The ColecoVision programming forum is a great resource to those who are homebrewing or programming on any of the Coleco machines.  Should those ADAM specific posts, like this one for example: http://atariage.com/...mming-question/be split into a new ADAM forum or stay in the ColecoVision Programming forum? 


Arguably, the ADAM is considered by most outsiders (aficionados aside) as an extension of the ColecoVision which the Expansion Module #3 literally is.  The above is not necessarily my personal opinions one way or the other, but just some information to think about before we go splintering into another sub-forum.  Would that actually help or hurt the ADAM community? As I said before, the decision is completely yours!