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In Topic: Microvision replacement screen project - pre-order & purchase here

Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:48 PM

...unless you're interested in household renovation projects...


Hey!  I'm interested!


Here are some of mine:

  • in the middle of replacing some rotted trim on my house - replacement wood painted (thank you wife) and deadly chemicals to stop wood rot on the way
  • finished a bedroom remodel including new windows, new paint, new trim, new solid-core doors, new knobs, new floating vinyl flooring, removed ceiling texture, added new ceiling fan and recessed lighting, added zwave smart controls for our smarthouse system, all new furniture
  • added some decking in the attic for easier storage of light items up there
  • installed quite a bit of Closetmaid wire rack stuff in a couple of closets (that stuff is pretty cool) and moved some of my boxed consoles to it
  • fixed the broken lower radiator hose in my 2001 Ford Ranger (ow... tight spaces for my big fat hands and arms) - running well again (well, as good as can be expected)
  • starting to remodel the third bedroom now, removing loft bed, removing carpet, removing sheetrock in preparation for plumbing work (shared wall with bathroom) and adding thicker sheetrock and rockwool for sound dampening, adding new ceiling fan, recessed lighting solid-core doors, new paint, new floating floor, trim, paint, etc. - same as others...
  • trying to get back to the Vectrex I am trying to fix for an AA member (sigh)

I'm tired.  :)  And I am still trying to arrange a trip to Portland for the expo!

In Topic: Spreadsheet for collection control

Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:48 PM

I use spreadsheets for all of my videogame collections.  I find it very useful for tracking what I have and what I am still hunting for.  I'm sort'of a spreadsheet nut, I guess.  My Intellivision collection spreadsheet tracks all sorts of info like:


  • Whether it is the original release Box, Cart, Manual, Overlays, etc.
  • Whether the item is in my hands, on order or I'm still looking for it
  • Title that is a hyperlink to the game's INTV Funhouse page
  • Publisher
  • Year of release
  • Programmer and company
  • Gaming Network (Sports, Action, Arcade, etc.)
  • Version of Box, Cart, Manual, Overlays, etc.
  • Condition of Box, Cart, Manual, Overlays, etc.
  • How many overlays originally came with the game and how many I have with it
  • Catalog version and condition that is included with the game
  • Extras that are with the game (manual addendums, etc.)
  • Type of box (flip-top, flip-bottom, gatefold, Imagic, Sega, Parker Bros., Activision, etc.)
  • My cost for the item, shipping cost and totals
  • A notes field for decribing history related to the game like where I got it, etc.
  • Total number of games, how many I have on hand, how many are in the mail, how many I need.
  • Total costs and averages for each game and shipping of each game
  • Some calculations based on components and their quality to automatcally color the items to signify how complete each item is for my collection

Overkill?  No way!

In Topic: Need Colecovision Console Box Clear Protector

Sun Aug 26, 2018 9:16 PM

I also need to this.

In Topic: DKJR technical demo

Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:51 PM

Me want!

In Topic: Gaxian wip

Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:48 PM

Wow!  Can't wait to play!