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In Topic: FS: Colecovision Console with Intro-Skip BIOS Upgrade

Mon Nov 12, 2018 11:08 PM

Bump.  Please PM to make an offer.

In Topic: Colecovision Video RAM Issue Help?

Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:28 PM

Well, I totally lucked out and replaced the only bad RAM chip with the first socket I installed.  It was U17.  :)


Here is a pic of the socketed RAM:

Attached File  20181111_214028.jpg   3.3MB   1 downloads


I used a spare RAM chip from a console that I performed the 5v RAM upgrade on in the past.  It is interesting to me that two different brands of RAM were used on the motherboard previously.  It looks like original work so I am guessing it was original like that.  Anyone know differently?


Here is how the screen looks now:

Attached File  20181111_214357.jpg   3.6MB   1 downloads


In Topic: Cleaning old hardware

Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:29 AM

I recently bought a Wii. It would not read a disc so I opened it up and was horrified to find that it was clogged up with many dead roaches (whole, legs, body chunks). It was SO GROSS I almost tossed it. But I cleaned it out instead. It works fine now. But it was the worst I have ever seen. I think someone had spilled a bit of something in it at one point, too. That might have attracted the roaches. Ick.

In Topic: Cleaning old hardware

Fri Nov 9, 2018 10:35 PM

Yup.  Good ol' soap and warm water.  I remove the case parts first.  Just don't scrub on any painted areas or decals too much.

In Topic: Too few homebrew?

Tue Nov 6, 2018 6:18 PM