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#3852471 Introductory prices of Atari 8bits?

Posted by billysastard on Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:14 AM

my uk launch 16k atari 800 was £799 if i recall, still have it (upgraded to 48k) and it still works perfectly.







#3626727 Flashcart and Multicart List - All systems

Posted by billysastard on Mon Nov 7, 2016 3:15 PM

well, the magic wild card for famicom disc system is here, like the fdsstick its a replacement for the nintendo fds drive (you still need the memory pack).


downsides - can't back up your original fds discs like fdsstick


upsides - sd based so not restricted to the number of discs it can store, no pc side special software, can run .a as well as .fds disc images, cheaper.  








link for worldwide sales http://www.tototek.c...products_id=199for u.s. based buyers that link includes a link to the american sales site.

#3620164 32k expansion for the side port - released

Posted by billysastard on Thu Oct 27, 2016 4:27 PM

thanks for that, sorry i was put off as it costed the item and shipping before it gave an option to switch to something more reasonable so i didn't get that far in the process, i've done it now so joined the backorder queue, i didn't add the psu as i'd already bought the longer version of the usb cable you recommended and a usb adapter plug from amazon (same lead is available with free shipping from gameseek on ebay uk at £3.88 btw).


thanks for your help.

#3611015 32k expansion for the side port - released

Posted by billysastard on Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:54 AM

this is a dream device, it's as if it was designed for me i have a us /4a, speech unit, joysticks, dual tape leads, a load of carts and a flashrom 99 who hit the no 32k wall so this is absolute perfection.


i cant even begin to say how much i thank you for your work in doing this and i'm looking forward to when you open orders so i can purchase and finally put my /4a to the use it was intended.

#3543428 TI Related -- Ebay / Heads Up Notice

Posted by billysastard on Fri Jul 1, 2016 4:34 PM

can i just say i've had several of these printed cases from the same guy for different flashcarts, all have been great and arrived in the uk in a timely manor and undamaged. (and yes i'll be ordering one of these too).

#3508391 Where Did You Get Your First Atari 2600 and What Type Was it?

Posted by billysastard on Wed May 11, 2016 9:01 AM

which: cherry leisure pal heavy sixer

where: local video rental store (only place that had them)

why: upgrade to my channel f

when: 1977

price: £229.99 (with combat cart, 2x cx-10 sticks and paddles)


still got it, still works flawlessly


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#3490061 Lynx Multi Card Preorders

Posted by billysastard on Tue Apr 12, 2016 7:19 PM

oh dear, talk about late to the party, i'd like to order one please.


are the cases removable? i ask because i have both models of lynx, can i just easily remove the cover to fit it in my lynx 1?, if not i'd better go for the naked model.

#3294475 Lynx Multi Cart

Posted by billysastard on Thu Aug 6, 2015 11:11 PM

No, sadly the Lynx cartridge port is more like a parellel port than a traditional cartridge port as you would find on other systems, which means you can't do anything funky like you can with the everdrive carts.

that's never been a problem for me, i love these flashcards so i can access all the games and if i find something i enjoy i try to buy the cart (which would save if it had one). i'm still cursing my harmony and coleco ultimate sd for what they have cost me in buying new (to me) games and hopefully it wont be long before i get the chance to start cursing yours for the same reason  :-D

#3281730 ATARI 7800 Pack In Game: Asteroids or Pole Position II?

Posted by billysastard on Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:08 AM

i picked asteroids, purely from a financial standpoint i was happy to pay for pole position 2 but whilst asteroids is a great game it would have been well down my "must buy" list since i already own the cart on my 2600 and 800 so to me getting it as a pack in was a nice bonus.

#3279447 How to open a Commodore VIC-20 cartridge

Posted by billysastard on Thu Jul 16, 2015 6:51 PM

Based on the pics, it looks like you should go straight to step #2 in the description above. That means if you carefully pry the plastic tabs, it would open. But be careful so you don't snap off the tabs, then you need to come up with another way to close it afterwards.

nothing wanted to play nicely so i jammed a screwdriver in and twisted it, plastic got a little gouged but it'll sand, it opened without any tabs breaking, turns out the rattle was two blobs of glue used instead of posts through the rear holes in the circuit board (looks the same as in the pics), anyway the board seems to fit firmly into place withing the housing but i'll give the card a test run naked first (with appropriate anti static measures) and check all is ok prior to snapping it all shut again.

#3271510 Arcadia 2001 Multicart - 2011 version - any interest?

Posted by billysastard on Sun Jul 5, 2015 6:01 PM

is there any way to get this multicart running on an mpt-03 unit or is it only for arcadia systems? i know they are software compatible but the carts look very different so i doubt would fit.

#3271236 What was YOUR very first computer?

Posted by billysastard on Sun Jul 5, 2015 9:08 AM

honestly i'm not entirely sure which i had first but pick from the following.


trs-80 model 1 level 2

pet 2001 (with built in cassette)

sinclair mk14


i think it was the pet.

#3270636 How many INDIVIDUAL consoles do you have?

Posted by billysastard on Sat Jul 4, 2015 4:40 AM

well as a newbie here this will be my first post.


atari super pong

atari 2600 heavy (cherry leisure version)

atari 2600 light (ingersol version)

atari 2600 jt

atari 7200

atari lynx 1

atari lynx 2

atari jaguar

atari 800 48k

atari 800xl (with ultimate 1mb)

atari 130 xe

atari ste (4mb)

atari portfolio

cbm 64 breadbin

cbm 64c


amiga 500+ (1mb)

sinclair mk14

sinclair zx 80

sinclair zx 81

sinclair spectrum 48k

nintendo nes

nintendo fds

nintendo snes (pal)

nintendo snes (usa)

nintendo n64 (pal) (with mem pack)

nintendo n64 (ntsc) (with mem pack)

nintendo gamecube (pal)

nintendo gamecube (ntsc jap/us)

nintendo wii

nintendo wii u

nintendo virtual boy

nintendo gameboy

nintendo gameboy color

nintendo super gameboy

nintendo super gameboy 2

nintendo gba player

nintendo gameboy advance

nintendo gameboy advance sp

nintendo ds

nintendo dsi

nintendo 3ds

some nintendo nes clone thing that plays cd's, vcd's and has an fm radio

sony playstation

sony ps1

sony ps2 (pal)

sony ps2 (jap)

sony psx (still awaiting delivery from japan)

sony ps3 60gb (with other os)

sony ps3 slim 500gb

sony ps3ss 500gb

sony psp 1000

sony psp 3000

sony ps vita (3g+wifi)

mattel intellivision (+intellivoice)

texas ti-99/4a

bbc b+ 128k

sega master system (original 1.3) but sadly missing it's pads / ministicks

sega sc 3000

sega game gear

sega cd

sega saturn (with mpeg cart)

sega dreamcast

mb vectrex

mb microvision


at games megadrive portable

nec pc engine classic

nec pc engine core grafx

microsoft xbox

microsoft xbox 360 arcade

microsoft xbox 360 elite

microsoft xbox 60 slim

microsoft xbone

philips g7000

philips cd-i (the big early model with the dump phaser like remote and added mpeg card)

fairchild channel f v2

snk neo geo aes

snk neo geo pocket

snk neo geo pocket color

bandai wonderswan

bandai wonderswan color

amstrad gx 4000

3 gen 1 pong consoles (various brands)

several plug and play consoles

casio pb 110

psion organiser 2

cbs colecovision


action max



i'm sure i'll have missed some but those are the ones i can recall, future plans include an amstrad cpc, something 128k from sinclair and an arcadia and a means to get activision's alter ego onto my portfolio (i had it on my old one but that got lost / stolen), i do have multiples of many of the main consoles (like 5 gamecubes and 7 ps2s) but haven't included them on the list along with an extensive collection of multi / flash carts and "backup devices" (like dr v64 or wondermagic) and of course a large collection of original carts / discs for all systems.


edit: forgot the coleco and starchess


edit 2: and actionmax