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Stella 6 on the R77: the eagle is landing

Sat Apr 6, 2019 1:57 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, the Stella team is proud and happy to present the first beta release of Stella 6 running on the R77. With this release, you will get Stella 6 on your R77 at full speed, including cycle exact audio, TV emulation, scanlines and phosphor, all with beautiful, tear-free vsync. You can grab the release from the github page. The installation procedure is largely the same as with the original community image, but be sure to read the installation instructions and the readme nevertheless before embarking on this adventure.


While this release is fully working and playable, it is a beta release, so there are a few known issues:


* The Color/BW and 4:3/16:9 buttons are swapped

* 16:9 mode is not yet available

* There may be some issues with aspect ratio correction for PAL games


If you encounter any other issues, please report them here or on the github tracker. Also, please be aware that you are using this on your own risk; nobody else will be liable for any damage to your R77, your computer or yourself. Note that Hyperkin is not involved in involved in the development of this image in any way (beyond providing the source for their original FW on their webpage).


Special thanks goes out to Fluxit for discovering that the micro USB port is indeed connected, and to Remowilliams for the original community images which already fixed many of the shortcomings of the original firmware.



New features in 6502.ts

Mon Nov 19, 2018 4:10 PM

It has been some time, but I have finally released a major update to 6502.ts. It might take a few page reloads for it to show up, though, due to the offline manifest ;)


  • Updated CPU core. This is the biggest change. The previous CPU core was not 100% exact when it came to bus access. Surprisingly, I got away with this pretty well, and the only ROM that I know of that had issues was Pole Position. The new CPU core reproduces the bus access patterns of the original precisely, and Pole Position works fine. Unsurprisingly, it is also slower (about 10%-20%), so there is a setting to switch back to the old CPU core). The new core is the default, though.
  • Workarounds for Web Audio on iOS and MacOS Safari. Starting with Safari 12, Safari on MacOS requires an user interaction (touch, mouse, etc.) in order to start audio (as was already the case for iOS). The new release hacks around this by using the first touch or click on the page to start audio --- audio should "just work" on Safari now.
  • ROM downloads. Imported ROMs can now be "downloaded" again as .bin files. As before, all data is stored locally in the browser (nothing is transferred over the web), so "download" should be read as "save" in this context. Note that downloading does not work if 6502.ts is used as a home screen app on iOS (or as a permanent Safari tab for that matter).

Inside the Retron 77

Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:29 PM

During the past two weeks, I have spend some time disassembling the R77, examining the hardware and digging through the source drop published by Hyperkin. The results are documented in the Stella wiki on GitHub: https://github.com/s.../wiki/Retron-77


It is pretty technical, but that was my intention: to provide a starting point for anybody who'd like to start hacking the device. Please tell me if there is anything missing ;)

Large 3E cartridge support on the UnoCart

Fri May 25, 2018 4:23 PM

After adding support for large (512k) 3F cartridges to the UnoCart I am considering to do the same for 3E cartridges. Depending on the STM32F4x variant on the cart, the UnoCart has either 1024k or 512k flash available. This translates to either up to 512k ROM or 448k ROM with 160k RAM available to the VCS (up to 512k ROM would be possible in the second case by sacrificing some RAM).


To the best of my knowledge, this would be the first cartridge format that has such a large amount of RAM available. Is anybody interested in this?