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TI-99/4A Software Conversion

Thu May 11, 2017 10:34 AM

I used TI Extended BASIC and 32K RAM expansion to write games and create music in the 1980s, and I'm trying to easily resurrect this content 35 years later.


There are a variety of emulators and gizmos like the CatWeasel, but before I go too far, I'm wondering if there is a setup that can handle all these requirements:


- Ability to read original 5-1/4" disks

- TI Extended BASIC required

- 32K RAM exapansion required

- Games include custom "data" (strings of custom music and graphics) which must be periodically loaded during gameplay... not just code...this must be accessed using the "INPUT" (with files) command


I'm trying to decide upon the right approach:


1. Repair or replace my original hardware and get it to run it on the original platform

2. Try to build a conversion / emulator system and bring these files into the 21st century

3. Find someone with existing conversion capabilities who might be willing to help


I assume someone could help a software restoration newbie like me navigate the technical gotchas?


The content is mainly text parser adventure games (rather goofy ones at that) and music and graphic utilities I authored myself.



Thanks for all sage advice!