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Obtained! : Odyssey 2 & Games.

Tue Apr 10, 2018 6:39 PM

EDIT: Deal Made for an Ody 2 with Games and also a 'The Voice' unit! Thanks guys. Masschamber, I will still get back to you tomorrow, but like. No big deal if you sell a small lot of Ody2 games overnight or something. X3.

Question about my 5200

Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:32 PM

I got a 5200 recently. When I last owned one it had a special switchbox. The kind where the power and rf output connected to it.

This one however has the rf cord coming out of it and also has its own power connection on the consle itself.

Its also a two port model but has four holes in the front but only two have connectors.

Was this a later model or something?

Parker Bros. 5200 Labels for Printing?

Fri Feb 9, 2018 2:48 PM

I got a copy of Q*Bert and Frogger for the 5200 recently. But they're missing labels completely. Is there a place where I can obtain labels for printing? I've tried Google but all I come up with all 'Top End Labels' for Square 5200 carts primarily. :-/.

Will the Coleco Gemini Clone's Dual Controller Work on a Regular 2600?

Sun Feb 4, 2018 9:06 PM

Basically, the Coleco Gemini, which was an Atari 2600 clone, had this cool controller that had a joystick on the top part and a paddle on the bottom.




Will this work on a normal Atari 2600 system? I kind of like the dual controller style.

WTB: SNES + Games.

Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:34 PM

While I wait on the Colecovision---, my Payday is coming up again on the 2nd so looking into prices on some things and maybe hoping to make a deal!


Some general notes I have when I look at buying consoles. I don't mind ugly consoles when it comes to physical condition (Missing labels. Torn of decorative metal bars, etc.), all I care about is: If it stays together and if it works well and say, doesn't need to be given a minor fonzi poke to run (Hitting it, etc.). Though I do expect said condition to be taken into account when suggesting a price. (In either direction!).


When I ask 'and some games' I'm not /picky/ though (So this may be a good chance to sell some games you'd have trouble selling otherwise I guess? Idk!) I do prefer action/adventures/shumps/platformers/arcade games and don't care for sports much however.


An Atari 7800 + Hookups and some Games

Basically, as it says. Looking for an Atari 7800, It's hookups + at least one original controller for it (The Proline) and a few games. Common games are fine just as long as they work-- but I DO want 7800 specific games, since I have enough 2600 games for now. Deal Made!


A Super Nintendo + Hookups and some Games.

I consider this less of a priority than the 7800, but still looking for it as a key point of rebuilding my old collection. Looking for the system, it's hook ups. (AV Cable preferred. Will accept RF just fine.) at least one controller (can be third party, as long as it works.) and some games.


Intellivison Games

I'm specifically looking for someone who might sell me some games in a small bundle at a good price. The current games I currently have (and therefore, not interested in) are listed on my collection page in this link here under 'Intellivision Games'. There are some games I'm specifically looking for, Mainly, Nightstalker, Space Armada, Astrosmash and Pac-Man- though I'd be interested in seeing what others you might have.Deal Made!


As I said, I get paid on the 2nd, so any closing of deals would need to wait until then, Please make a monetary offer, and we can work from there! Wanting to hear offers. PMs welcome. Links to what you have for sale welcome, etc, etc. It's all good. Worse comes to worse we can't agree and no hard feelings because that's how deals work sometimes~.


Thanks for your time!