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Full Circle: Rocketeer - Atari Jaguar CD
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Full Circle: Rocketeer - Atari Jaguar CD
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"Flying through space is no picnic. Commanding an intergalactic space vessel isn't all plaid blankets and wicker baskets. All manner of peculiar happenings might ruin one's day. Take planets for instance. They're big. Really big. Often rather solid, too. For these reasons alone, it's usually advisable not to involve yourself in any sort of altercation with one, particularly when travelling through hyperspace.

This was now something Space Corps Commander Gwyn Williams knew only too well, as, from his vantage point high in the upper atmosphere, he observed the fragments of his vessel scattered over the surface of this particular example of Big Solid Planet. Sliced into three sections with the ship's cargo falling from orbit all around him, he wondered how this day might possibly get any worse... Ah! Of course! An onslaught of deadly rocks - simply perfect!"

Additional Information

Full Circle: Rocketeer is an old-school arcade shooter featuring 16 unique levels covering four worlds. Full Circle: Rocketeer is a new 50/60 fps arcade shooter for the Atari Jaguar console, featuring 16 unique levels over 4 worlds. Full Circle: Rocketeer utilizes Reboot's Raptor Engine, and supports the regular Jaguar joypad as well as the ProPad controller. Other features include MemoryTrack saving, 8-channel digital sound (for music and effects), collectible bonus items, and online high scores.

Full Circle: Rocketeer includes the game on a glass-mastered, pressed, silkscreened CD in a shrinkwrapped DVD-style case with professionally printed double-sided inlay. A Jaguar CD unit is required to play this game. Supports NTSC and PAL.

Developer Reboot
Controller Jaguar Joypad and ProPad Controllers
Compatibility NTSC/PAL
Music 5 o 5
Graphics & Sound Effects SH3




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Reviewer: Rick Valenta
02/25/2014 02:14pm
This game is great. The music is thumping, the controls are good, and the framerate is super smooth. Its addictive and fun to play. It plays like an arcade shooter and I found myself tracking high scores on the first play through. It feels sort of like "Joust" in space. Pick this one up for sure if you like arcade blasting!!
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