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  1. Atari Systems

    1. Atari General

      6,460 posts

      A general discussion for Atari-related topics that aren't covered by a specific Atari console or computer forum.

    2. Atari 2600

      662,560 posts

      The Atari 2600 is the system that started it all for Atari, and is by far the most popular classic gaming console. This forum covers all 2600 systems produced by Atari, as well as 2600-compatible consoles produced by third-parties.

    3. Atari 5200

      85,804 posts

      The Atari 5200 was Atari's second cartridge-based game console. Based on the Atari 8-bit computer line and labeled the "SuperSystem", the 5200 was Atari's answer to growing competition in a market they were losing control over.

    4. Atari 7800

      154,959 posts

      The Atari 7800 ProSystem is a contemporary of the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Master System. Based on extensive feedback from Atari customers, the 7800 features a streamlined design, backward compatibility with the 2600, a powerful graphics processor, and simplified controllers.

    5. Atari Lynx

      68,927 posts

      Lynx was Atari's first portable game system, and world's first color handheld. It was designed by Epyx and the engineers who created the Amiga. Ahead of its time, the Lynx sported a backlit color screen, stereo sound (in model 2) and an impressive range of games. Check out our rarity guide or explore many games listed on Atari Gamer.


    6. Atari Jaguar

      205,706 posts

      Atari's last game console, the Atari Jaguar represented a huge leap in technology from previous offerings. Featuring a 64-bit architecture, the Jaguar had great potential, but its power was difficult to tap. Even then, many great games were released and the Jaguar has an avid fan base today.

    7. Atari VCS

      12,925 posts

      Discussion forum for the new Atari VCS console.

    8. Dedicated Systems

      34,496 posts

      Before Atari produced the famous 2600, they created many standalone consoles such as Pong, Speedway, and Stunt Cycle. Recently, Atari has been creating new dedicated consoles, such as the Atari Flashback.

    9. Atari 8-Bit Computers

      615,634 posts

      Atari's original 8-bit computer line, featuring the Atari 400, 800, XL, and XE series of computers. Powerful and well-engineered, the Atari 8-bit computers are still popular with fans today!

    10. Atari's next generation computer line, the Atari ST computers were based on the Motorola 68000 series chips, the same as the Macintosh at the time. The ST would also be followed by the TT and Falcon.

  2. Classic Consoles

    1. Discussion of classic gaming consoles outside the Atari realm.

    2. ColecoVision / Adam

      124,982 posts

      Coleco launched the ColecoVision in 1982, with the console quickly becoming popular due to its library of arcade ports. The ColecoVision has a large homebrew following today.

    3. Intellivision / Aquarius

      257,883 posts

      This forum is for discussion of the Mattel Intellivision, Atari's primary competitor against the 2600, as well as the Mattel Aquarius computer. Intellivision systems include the original Intellivision, Intellivision II, INTV III, and the Sears Super Video Arcade.

    4. Discussion forum for the Bally Arcade/Astrocade console.

    5. Odyssey 2 / Videopac

      6,857 posts

      Discussion revolving around the Odyssey 2 / Videopac G7000/G7400

    6. Vectrex

      11,218 posts

      Discuss the world's only vector-based video game console here!

    7. Discuss Nintendo's first cartridge-based system, the NES, here!

    8. Discuss Nintendo's second cartridge based system here!

    9. Sega Genesis

      12,855 posts

      Sega's popular fourth-generation 16-bit system, would ultimately compete head-to-head with the Super Nintendo.

    10. Discussion forum for the 3DO console and the unreleased Panasonic M2

    11. Dreamcast

      850 posts

      Discussion for the SEGA Dreamcast console.

    12. SMS High Score Club

      1,785 posts

      Join the Sega Master System High Score Club today!

    13. Compete for high scores on the TurboGrafx-16 and PC Engine!

  3. Classic Computing

    1. Use this forum to discuss the plethora of classic computers outside of Atari 8-bit offerings. These include the Apple II, Commodore 64/128, Amiga, TI 99/4a, MSX, TRS-80 and others.

    2. Apple II Computers

      12,613 posts

      Discussion for Apple's 8-bit computer line.

    3. Discussion for Commodore PET, Vic-20, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, and other 8-bit Commodore systems.

    4. Commodore Amiga

      7,032 posts

      Discussion for Amiga Computers, CDTV, and CD32

    5. Tandy Computers

      7,373 posts

      Discussion for Tandy computers, including the TRS-80 Models I, II, III, and 4, Color Computers, and Model 100.

  4. Modern Consoles

    1. Modern Gaming Discussion

      218,239 posts

      This forum is for discussion of all modern game systems, including gaming on consoles and computers.

    2. Sony Playstation 5

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      Discuss Sony's Playstation 5 console here!

    3. Xbox Series S/X

      631 posts

      Discuss Microsoft's latest Xbox Series S and X consoles here!

    4. Atari VCS (Redirect)   (2,994 visits to this link)

      Discussion forum for the new Atari VCS console.

    5. Nintendo Switch

      9,193 posts

      Discussion about Nintendo's latest game console and games.

    6. Microsoft Xbox One

      3,236 posts

      Discussion forum for the Xbox One.

    7. Sony PlayStation 4

      3,236 posts

      Talk about the Sony Playstation 4 here.

    8. Microsoft Xbox 360

      22,305 posts

      Discussion about the Microsoft Xbox 360 (not including the original Xbox).

    9. Sony Playstation 3

      13,342 posts

      Please discuss the Sony Playstation 3 and games here.

    10. Nintendo Wii / Wii U

      27,303 posts

      Discussion forum for the Nintendo Wii and Wii U consoles and games.

  5. Gaming General

    1. Gaming discussion not covered by other specific gaming forums.

    2. Arcade and Pinball

      44,642 posts

      Many of us grew up pumping quarters into arcade games, and here's where you can discuss all your favorites. From Pong to Pinball to the latest arcade games, if it has a coin slot, then you're at the right place!

    3. Emulation

      30,715 posts

      Emulators allow you to experience classic games on modern PCs (and other devices!) Discuss the latest emulator developments and ask questions about emulation here!

    4. Hardware

      32,622 posts

      This forum is for discussion of hardware at a more technical level than you'll find in the other forums. If you have a hardware question you'd like to ask or have some interesting knowledge you'd like to share with others, post it here!

    5. Prototypes

      15,922 posts

      Ever wondered about all those games that were announced but never released? Or games that have been discovered over the years that no one even knew existed? Or have you discovered a new prototype that no one's seen yet? Here's the place to talk about prototype games, led by Tempest of AtariProtos.com.

    6. This forum is for discussion of gaming related magazines, books, websites, and other publications.

    7. International

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      Internacional - Internazionale - Internationaal - Internasjonal - This forum is for discussion of classic and modern gaming in languages other than English.

  6. Marketplace

    1. Buy, Sell, and Trade

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      Please use this forum as a tool to buy, sell, and trade games and hardware.

    2. Auction Central

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      Use this forum to discuss auctions on eBay. Have something up for auction you'd like to share? Post it here! You can also highlight amusing, off-the-wall, or interesting auctions that others may want to hear about!

    3. Wanted

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      Use this forum to post a list of the gaming hardware and software you're looking for!

    4. Free Games and More

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      Spreading the Love with Free Games and other items.

    5. User Feedback Forum

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      Please use this forum to leave feedback about other users on AtariAge that you've had good and/or bad experiences with. Please read the sticky at the top of this forum before posting!

  7. Community

    1. Events

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      Use this forum to discuss gaming events of all types, including expos revolving around classic gaming, events catering to modern systems, arcade expos, and local gatherings of collectors getting together or a day of gaming.

    2. If you're a repeat visitor to AtariAge, it's likely you also collect classic games and systems. Here's your chance to show off to the rest of the community your collection!

    3. Member Blogs

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      As members update their Blogs, messages will be posted in this forum so you can more easily keep tabs on who's writing what!

    4. Poll Forum

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    5. Contests

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      These forums are for discussing and participating in contests started by AtariAge, contests run by forum members, and of course, the weekly High Score Contests!

    6. User Groups

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      This forum and its subforums are for classic gaming and computing user groups. Find people in your area who share your love of this hobby!

    7. Discuss news posted on the front page of AtariAge!

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    8. Please submit classic gaming news here!

  8. Game Programming

    1. Homebrew Discussion

      51,386 posts

      Here you can talk about homebrew games that don't have their own forums allocated (which will be most of them). Have an idea for a game that you'd like to see someone program? Are you programming a game and want some feedback? Discuss it here!

    2. Programming

      6,857 posts

      The programming forums are technical discussions of programming various classic gaming consoles. The more popular consoles have their own dedicated programing forums, so please only use this forum for topics that fall outside of those forums.

    3. Hacks

      22,808 posts

      A hack is an existing game that has somehow been modifed in terms of graphics, colors, sounds, and/or gameplay. If you've modified a game and would like to share it with others, or have an idea for a modification you'd like to see done to an existing game, you can discuss it here.

  9. Site

    1. Announcements

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      Important site or forum-related announcements will be posted here. If you see a new announcement, please stop by to read it!

    2. Have a question about how to use the forum?  Ask here and others can answer (including admins and mods!)  

    3. We'll post announcements about the AtariAge Store here, and you can also post your questions and comments about the store in this forum as well.

    4. Do you have suggestions for how AtariAge can be improved? Please post them here, as well as criticisms, and kudos about the web site!

    5. Rarity Guide

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      The AtariAge Rarity Guide is a living, breathing document! If you have feedback regarding rarity guide values and the database in general, please discuss it here!

    6. Archived Forums

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      Resting place for forums that have have run their course and are archived here for reference.

  10. Club Forums

    1. Show it off!  Post up photos and specs of your vehicles here.

    2. Going somewhere good?  Been somewhere interesting?  Got an upcoming event to announce?  Let everyone else know!  Photos encouraged.

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    3. Broke it?  Replaced it?  Upgraded it?  If tools were involved, this is your topic.

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    4. Unexpectedly run across an interesting vehicle while going about your business?  Post photos here!

    5. Car-related yakking that doesn't fit the other main topics.

    6. Off road-related yakking that doesn't fit the other main topics.

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    7. Development information for the CDFJ bankswitch scheme. The name CDFJ comes from the names of the people involved in its creation: Chris Walton, Darrell Spice, Jr., Fred Quimby, and John Champeau


      Note: It is recommended to use CDFJ+ instead of CDFJ.


    8. Development information for the DPC+ bankswitch scheme. DPC+ is an enhanced version of Activision's DPC coprocessor used in Pitfall 2. The original DPC was named after it's creator, David Patrick Crane.

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    9. Development information for the BUS bankswitch scheme. BUS uses Bus Stuffing techniques.

      Note that BUS fails on a number of systems, mostly Junior and 7800, so AtariAge will not produce games for sale that utilize BUS.

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    10. Ask a question, share your experiences, or just shoot the breeze.

    11. Chat about arcades, arcade gaming, emulation, and anything else related to arcades that tickles your fancy.

    12. It's maybe strange to use a messageboard system as blogs but I have more control with it.


      After all, why not.

    13. This is where we be doing the Harmony games

    14. This where you post ideas and thoughts f about our  new magazine The Atari Gamer

    15. this where we will post about our annual show the Video Game Summit

    16. post anything else you want to know about the club or general atari topics

    17. News about DMGD games will be depicted here

    18. please mail bug reports to:

      [email protected]gitlab.com

    19. Discussion

    20. DASM General

      231 posts


      Post your questions about using DASM here

    21. AtariVox Topics

      219 posts

      Anything and everything related to the AtariVox

    22. Anything Gran Turismo related goes here.

    23. Anything related to other racing sims(why the hell did you join the Gran Turismo club if you are a NFS fan?) or real cars, or something totally off topic

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    24. I dunno, maybe I'll need this in the future.

    25. Subforum for food that you chew and swallow

    26. Subforums for drinks that you, well, drink.

    27. Subforum for various announcements

    28. You got any ideas for this club?  Post them here?

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    29. You got a hot tip on new AA games? Maybe someone leaked some new games and you wanna show them? This is the sub for you!

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    30. This sub is where we talk about confirmed upcoming games! 

    31. A place where you can talk about all the released AA games!

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    32. Your high scores go here! But remember, there's always a bigger fish.

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    33. A place for people to introduce themselves and discuss. 

    34. This is the place where you can discuss games that are lost (no known examples have resurfaced).

    35. This is where you can discuss games that have known copies but aren't dumped for one reason or another.

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    36. Games that you've heard about or even played, but you can't remember what it's name is.

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    37. My blog series! You can use this section to recommend games for discussion on the blog, or even give constructive criticism of the blog.

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    38. Basic info about the club including rules, criteria for what counts as lost, and announcements.

    39. Discussion of GIMP editor usage.

    40. I put complete games here.


      Everybody can enjoy what I'm making.


      For demos, previous games or exclusive games, you find them at Robin Gravel's Club.



    41. If you have any homebrews, please post them here and get feedback!

    42. Development information for the CDFJ+ bankswitch scheme. The name CDFJ+ comes from the names of the people involved in its creation: Chris Walton, Darrell Spice, Jr., Fred Quimby, and John Champeau

    43. Are YOU tired of being called BALDY? HEY, BALDY! Have we got the solution for YOU!

    44. The Flintstones comic strip.

    45. Share your hate! We all would like to see how much you hate Sauron.

    46. CC65 Discussion

    47. Assembly discussion

    48. General Lynx Programming discussion

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    49. General discussion for the community... planning, Q&A.... just about anything goes here.

    50. Useful information and discussion for people who call, or want to know how to call classic Atari BBS's.

    51. Useful information and discussion for people who run, or want to know how to run a classic Atari BBS's.

    52. A place for attaching files and documents useful to the Atari BBS community.

    53. Deposit the weirdest crap on the internet you can find here

    54. Tesla Vehicles

      174 posts

      Discussion about Tesla vehicles.

    55. Tesla Solar

      45 posts

      Discussion about Tesla Solar power.

    56. Discussion about Tesla's energy storage

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    57. General discussion about Harmony/Melody development, including setting up the compiler.

    58. General Discussion for ZeroPage Homebrew

    59. Tesla General

      54 posts

      General discussion about Tesla

    60. General discussion, retro gaming, and questions about Sony's line of PSP Minis and Playstation Mobile games are all welcomed.

    61. Preserving the review database of PSPMinis.com. All reviews reposted with permission of the PSPMinis.com community. 

    62. The 30th Birthday Programming Competition has produced an amazing number of new games for the Atari Lynx. Have your say about these games, what you like, what you don't like, help to decide the winners!

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    63. Show it off!  Post up photos and specs of your rigs here.

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    64. Going somewhere good?  Been somewhere interesting?  Let everyone else know!  Photos encouraged.

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    65. Broke it?  Replaced it?  Upgraded it?  If tools were involved, this is your topic.

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    • Molded cables are notorious for breaking the wire right at the connection to the pin   The other common problem is that the receptacle's connection to the PCB breaks after a bunch of plugging and unplugging.
    • Hi, I guess it’s clear to you by now, but the following codes are equivalent:    LI R12,>1100 SBO 1   LI R12,>1102 SBO 0        
    • If I understand you correctly, then, yes, my expansion has a full 320k.  It is 64k base memory + 256k expanded memory.
    • Never heard of it before, but sad to hear it is going away.  I understand very well though.  I've been involved in multiple attempts to build forums that unfortunately never took off and just ended up consuming lots of my time anyways.  Eventually it's time to just pull the plug on it.
    • Oh, so it would be something I'd like. I have a RAM 320XL expansion and it adds only the additional 256KB.
    • I've wanted to dabble in 5200 development for some time but 5200bas is long dead and most BASIC topics here refer to Atari computers.  Just happened to catch this on the activity stream.  Holy cow!   Can't promise anything but figuring out how to set this up, compile and test 5200 games is now on my list of things to actually do.
    • Hi guys,   Great article that was done by me and @Adriano Arcade involving Bitmap Bureau and Final Vendetta. Enjoy fellas.          Arcade [email protected]   Want to know all about the amazing release [email protected] #FinalVendetta? We've got the inside scoop on the making, what to expect if you haven't played yet and what's next for the guys. Don't miss our write up right here - https://arcadeattack.co.uk/final-vendetta-bitmap-bureau/…         1:26 PM · Jul 2, 2022             Final Vendetta (Indie Feature)   21/06/2022 by arcadeattack     Bitmap Bureau have spent the last few years bringing quality titles like Xeno Crisis into our lives. Anthony and Adrian once again caught up with Bitmap’s Design Director Mike Tucker to get the lowdown on their recent release Final Vendetta. Check out this trailer and get HYPED.     Good to have you aboard with us again Mike. What’s been cooking over at Bitmap Bureau headquarters? Hey guys, it’s a pleasure to talk to you again! Well since we last spoke we released a title for modern consoles called “Battle Axe”, which was a joint effort between ourselves and Henk Nieborg this time. We also spent a couple of years developing our latest title, “Final Vendetta” and have taken on more staff so that we can tackle our next projects!   For Bitmap Bureau newcomers, who are you guys and what do you offer to the gaming public? Most of our team have been involved in the games industry for over 25 years now, so we have a great deal of experience in developing games in multiple genres across just about every significant gaming platform you can think of. In recent years we’ve been developing our titles not only for modern platforms but also retro platforms such as the Sega Mega Drive, Neo Geo and Dreamcast. We like to think of ourselves as specialists in 2D game development working with some of the best pixel artists and musicians around the world to create genuine retro titles with our own personality.   What was the overall response to Xeno Crisis like? And in particular, it being made available on multiple platforms including Mega Drive and Neo Geo? We had a great response to Xeno Crisis – it was developed purely with the Mega Drive in mind and we think we did a very good job in making it look, sound and play like a top-tier title. Of course we already had modern ports in mind, and the game was very well received on those too.   Tell us about your current project “Final Vendetta” As the name (hopefully) suggests, Final Vendetta is a side-scrolling beat ‘em-up very much inspired by ‘80s and ‘90s classics such as Final Fight, Streets Of Rage, Double Dragon, and several others. We’ve tried to add our own touches and flavour to the genre though without deviating too much from what made those classics so engaging. It’s a classic kidnap setup with the protagonists needing to battle their way through the streets of London against the Syndic8 gang.       What inspired you guys to focus on this particular genre? I’ve been hooked on beat ‘em-ups and versus fighters from a young age having grown up playing titles such as Kung Fu Master, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Target Renegade, Double Dragon etc, so it’s always been a genre that I wanted to tackle. Developing a beat ‘em-up requires at least a couple of very talented and prolific artists though, and we were lucky enough to come across one such person in the form of Jabir Grant a couple of years ago. Without him the project could never have happened, and he’s done an amazing job in creating not only the characters but also the thousands of frames of animation. Additionally, being a Neo Geo fan, it surprised me that there was never a truly great beat ‘em-up for the system, with efforts such as Burning Fight being mediocre at best. So we wanted to change that, especially given our recent experience of developing Xeno Crisis for the Neo Geo systems.   How do we get our hands on Final Vendetta? Final Vendetta is available for Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox and Steam in three different editions. And Numskull Games have a list of sites that European customers can order from.   Will it be available on retro consoles as well? We’ve spent some time working out which other retro consoles Final Vendetta might work on with the obvious one being the Sega Mega Drive, but even that will require us to rework all of the art assets and make some concessions too, so right now we can only confirm that it will be coming to Neo Geo AES and MVS – sadly the Neo Geo CD is out of the question because of the huge number of sprite frames and background art exceeding the system’s memory.     Is there any scope for Final Vendetta DLC? Yes it certainly could – we’d love the chance to add a new playable character or a new area with new enemies to take on. That’s largely dependent on how well the game is received and how much time we have available, but it’s a possibility. Saying that, we have a lot of ideas that we could put in a sequel!      What’s next for you and Bitmap Bureau? Well we’re already working on a couple of new titles but they’re under NDA so we can’t possibly talk about them, but I think it’s safe to say that our audience and indeed retro gamers in general are going to be very surprised and happy at the eventual announcement! We’re also gradually expanding so that we can take on more projects and potentially more complex games.   Thanks for allowing us to interview you once again, Mike! Any words of wisdom for those who want to follow in your footsteps? I would say that you need to be extremely dedicated and willing to take a risk to make it in the games industry, particularly as an indie developer. Luck certainly plays a part too, but you have to be persistent (and consistent), as just one or two poor releases can be enough to finish you off as an indie.   Working for a “AAA” or “AA” studio will give you better job security, but you’ll likely be working on a smaller part of a game, and landing a role in the first place is extremely tough as there’s just so much competition. But if you feel like you’re destined to work in games and can’t get your foot in the door somewhere then making games yourself is certainly worth pursuing – just don’t expect to be an overnight success, and always have a “plan B” in case things don’t work out!   Adrian & Anthony       Anthony...
    • I would love a box, but not if it causes this much pain assuming I'm the only one dead keen on it, I'd still buy without a box. It's a slick game and deserving of hardware. 
    • I'll go with Metal Hoff II from the Knight Rider thread, some awesome batari BASIC projects are still unfinished! Very interesting ideas on this thread!   I want to hear more about the c++ project and in particular what Orange808 is developing since he's already written a great Tron port in bB as a comparison reference for what to extend:    White Papers are fun to read, see below. Here is a White Paper on another cool development option for writing BASIC and Assembly games that can also run cross platform on the Commodore 64 as "Super Atari Games" with details on planned support for two bB kernels as well!    Game_Loader_Commodore_64_Atari_2600_Emulator_WhitePaper.pdf
    • Can anyone tell me who the disk drive repair person is in the Ontario, Canada area, I have two 1050s that will not power up. Russ  
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