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Goofin' Around in Minecraft

I've been playing Minecraft for a long, long time, close to eight years now. But I've always been stuck with very crappy hardware to play it on so I was never really able to enjoy it to the fullest. But that all changed when I got my new computer after my laptop seized and died. It's quite a shift, going from 25 fps on a good day to 145 at the very least, and actually having a playable framerate with shaders on. I've lost my appetite for survival mode or even mods so I just build, its an excelle

Game.com trouble

So I decided to play my game.com. It had been right next to my bed for months, so when I got it, it was covered with dust and stuff. So after dusting it off and plugging it in, I decided to play Indy 500. Whenever I hit a curve, my car would automatically hit the wall and spin around, no matter where I was on the track. Also, the car ahead of me seemed to always block me, wherever I was. So I gave up and played Sonic Jam. I actually beat Stage 1 of Sonic 2! I am so proud of myself. So then after

Uno for TI-99/4a in XB with multicolor text

Converted my Atari 800 game Uno card to TI-99. I used the KXBII extensions to create multi-color text. (see earlier blog post for Uno for Atari 800 and KXBII extensions for TI-99/4a).  Plays at TI-99 XB speeds, which is to say, fast enough. The multi-color text is part of the KXBII extension package. Works rather well & fast enough and bug free. Only weird glitch is 1/2 character random flicker in one letter (you'll see it) when text being printed.  I created a CALL PR(X,Y,TEXT$,fo




Blinking ball

One of the things that bothered me was that the ball flickered when it hit obstacle #2 or 3 when it was a tree. Yesterday I tried to fix the problem but was unsuccessful. Today, though, I think I did it. The problem was the ball wasn't appearing when the power meter was reducing, thus causing the flicker. (I don't know why it wasn't happening to obstacle #1, though.) So now it does the same thing when all three obstacles are hit when they are trees.   I made the third obstacle be able

Confusing new forum options

I had problem with uploading pictures yesterday.   So I make some tests here.       Ok. I get it. I need to choose 'choose files' option to upload pictures.    Not use 'feature photo' option to upload pictures.       The 'feature photo' is more catching and bigger than 'choose a files' option.     That's why I have trouble with the new design.   The new forum is so confusing    




The forgotten pool game Pocket Billiards! (Magnavox)

Well this is awkward. I purposefully wrote my previous review to get all of those pool games out of the way so I’d never have to think about them again but believe it or not I missed a game. I suppose I could be forgiven for forgetting this particular game since the idea of it is so strange I almost can’t believe it exists. Pocket Billiards on the Magnavox Odyssey2, released in 1980, might just be the first Pool/Billiards game ever released on home console, unless the Channel F had one I didn’t

Hole 10

Friday night I started working on making three obstacles in the game for the 10th hole. It kept making weird stuff happen, so I had to give up. Saturday afternoon I started up again. I kept working even though the weird stuff kept happening. I kept working on it all night starting at about 10 p.m. At 3 a.m. I finally made it happen. Then I went to sleep and woke up at 2:00p.m. and then my back teeth started hurting. Yes, you can go between the two trees, but you will waste your time t

Pool Game Extravaganza!

I have too many pool games, and by that I mean I have more than one. Surprisingly, or not if you’ve seen my collection gallery, all but one of my pool games are for PC which will give us a very wide range of graphics sounds and gameplay. I will be covering four and a half games in this review so I’m going to try and limit myself to just one paragraph per game, though depending on the game things might be longer. The games in order of viewing are Trick Shot by Imagic, Sharkey’s 3D Pool by Micropl

Image Gallery Fixed!

Three cheers for our site administrator who got the Image gallery working.....     And four for John Polka who went nuts posting ATASCII screens!




More Frank work

I thought something wasn't working right when I played Frank the Fruit Fly on real hardware. As it turns out, something wasn't. I thought in theory you made a gray color by alternating between black and white. While it does work, it produces a sort of unwanted, annoying "shimmering" effect if you do it to large areas. The solution?   Checkerboard the larger areas instead of make them all white then all black. So I went to work changing all the screens in the game that had gray in them

TI 40 Column Redux

I looks like I screwed up. A little while back I posted a blog about Harry's 40 column routine he created for the TI-99/4a. I also added a the game Civil War. After rechecking the blog I discovered the two files I posted were the wrong files. ACK! So, here are the right files and a little more. I have the T40XB utility on .DSK and my XBBOOT.DSK which included the T40XB  on a menu along with TML & KXBII. And I have a directory with all the games I have posted so far. Here is the cor





I think I may be the only homebrew author with a game that's NOT findable by a search on AtariAge.

NES Homebrews

OK, this isn't Atari related, so sue me (please don't do that). I was recently at RetroUSB's site and noticed that quite a few NES homebrews had been added since my last visit several years ago, and these newer titles are being sold at a discounted price. $10 off each on many of their titles. The newer releases seem to use donor carts, unlike their older titles that use new carts. The only explanation that I can come up with is perhaps the releases using donor cartridges were not actually produc




Cosmic Corridor (ZiMAG)

There are many words I can use to describe Cosmic Corridor, 953 to be exact. This is the final game from Bit Corp. (That I know of) that I have yet to review, and it is quite possibly the worst. In fact I would go so far as to say Cosmic Corridor, or Space Tunnel in Europe, is one of if not the worst shooters/games on the 2600. I’ll freely admit that there are some terrible games in the 2600 library, Skeet Shoot being my prime example but others like Strawberry Shortcake or the Froggo games, but

Golf at the nudist colony?

Today I worked on Golf a lot. While I was working, I ran into all sorts of problems, but I think I sorted them all out now. It leaves me wondering whether I'm trying to do too much stuff. Anyway, one of the things I did today was put clothes on the guy. With the blue pants and blue water it looks like he's swimming in the water. Which is kind of amusing. Looking at the picture, I can simplify this further by just putting the blue golf club with the blue pants. In case I need to becaus

On occasion I tickle myself

When I get it right.   So now I have the bat showing up only when it's in the same room with me. Not as hard as I thought it would be.   Now I have to update movements for the entire maze and other AI.   I left a request for some animation routine in the Coleco Programing forum if anyone wants to share some Z80 timing code. De...Bat flaps it's wings too fast but if I slow it down it slows the whole program so just one more thing to figure out.   Once the

General Update

Nothing to see here other than progress.   No rom today. However, updated the skill select screen to implement Difficulty A and B which is in the original game. Updated variables, patterns and bears oh, my... Not seriously working on it because it's summer and I have parental duties as well as house remodel. At the same time its not as if people are dying to play Coleco Adventure. It's more of a labor of love and to hone my programing skills. I have 5 other games a
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