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Mostly Atari-related projects, and other ramblings. Home of the Artie the Atari comic strip.

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Yet more mini-arcade action! This time, it's all about racing games:   Pole Position actually has a tiny little steering wheel... but it's actually just a steering wheel shaped joystick. No analog controls. Although for this version, analog isn't really needed. You also don't need to shift, the buttons just accelerate and brake, but really, adding shifting to something this small would be a little ridiculous. (Get it? A little ridiculous?  ) It's hard to justify being picky on

Temporary title

In case you're wondering.... I started writing this a couple of weeks ago under the title: "Temporary title". I got used to it, and don't feel like coming up with something else. Every year around this time, for the past... well, it's been awhile, and I'm too lazy to look through my old blog posts... we'll just say several years, I've posted a recap of the Character Animation shows I edit together as part of my job at CalArts. Some random website thinks we're one of the best animation sch

And yet still another small diversion

And my home video arcade grows! Last time, I added three new Tiny Arcade games: Galaga, Dig Dug and Frogger. This time, it's Q*bert and Tetris: In my first review of these, I mentioned Q*bert as a good candidate for becoming one of these Tiny Arcade games. I didn't think they'd make it though, because it requires the joystick to be turned 45°. Well, they actually did it - and it plays really well! Q*bert moves pretty quickly, and Ugg and Wrongway come out almost immediately in the second

Avengers: Endgame - Spoiler-free review

If you go to the theater late enough at night... you can still get tickets to Avengers: Endgame. Which I did - going to a 10:45 PM showing last night. Mainly because I wanted to avoid spoilers, and the way articles and videos were popping up all over the internet about the movie, I figured time was running out. (I even ran across what turned out to be an incorrect spoiler watching a ZeroPage Twitch stream the other week. So nowhere is safe. Idiots who think they're funny or just want to ruin t

Nathan Strum

Nathan Strum


On Corse for the win

Man... I sure hope I can come up with enough puns for the rest of the WRC season. Anyway, Tour De Corse (Rally Corsica) was last weekend, and the unpredictability of the World Rally Championship continued! This week's fastest driver was... Elfyn Evans?! Yep! The Ford M-Sport driver was dominant most of the weekend. Even though he lost the lead in the final Saturday stage, he roared right back on Sunday and took an 11 second lead from Thierry Neuville heading into the final power stage. And

Captain Marvel - Spoiler-free review

Marvel has a knack for making superhero movies. And by knack, I mean they've pretty-much got it figured out. Of course, when you think about it, they probably should by now. But nothing is a given. I should note here I'm talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies, not Marvel movies made by Sony or 20th Century Fox. Those have been, at best, inconsistent. If you think about how many truly bad superhero movies there are out there, it's impressive that Marvel Studios really hasn't

Nathan Strum

Nathan Strum


Sloggin' through Sweden, Mixing it up in Mexico

Usually, I post one WRC blog entry for the season, then just add comments for each subsequent rally. But since I had already named this year's entry after the first rally in Monte Carlo, I thought I'd post new entries for each of the other rallies too (or every other rally... or every third rally...). Rally Sweden was a bit of a disappointment in that the weather was unusually warm, and so what's supposed to be the only full-snow rally of the year turned into a slushy mud bog. Now, driving o

Nathan Strum

Nathan Strum


Blog Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again?

Peter Tork passed away last week at the all-too-young age of 77. I didn't used to think 77 was young. But the older I get, and the more people I know who live and live well in their 80's and even 90's, 77 seems too young. Peter played the bass player on the TV show The Monkees (returning soon to MeTV). Peter also played bass in the band The Monkees. And . And . And . And . Of the four members of the group, Tork was easily the most musically accomplished. But on the TV show, he played

Nathan Strum

Nathan Strum

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