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Atari 2600 Fandom

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My Retro Gaming Center Setup and Refurbishing

I've been refurbishing old consoles and building a new retro gaming center for myself, this year.  I figured I would dump the photos here from the past few months so I don't lose them.  It all started when I found this really nice old Sylvania flatsceen TV that is still old enough to not be widesreen ($7 Goodwill).  After that, it was a matter of cleaning dust and grime off the old consoles, which had been sitting dormant on bookcase shelves, and diagnosing which controllers worked, and which we

Current 2600 playlist

For anyone interested, this is my current Atari playlist for favorite single-player games that I'm playing often.  There are still a lot more out there for me to explore, and I'm still seeing new things in many of these games.  I keep finding more games that intrigue me.   




Commodore before Atari

I'm going through a bunch of games I made on the Commodore 64 way back in the day to refresh myself on the game design mindset before I get into trying to make Atari games.  I made about 6-8 stand-alone C=64 games, along with about 30 for games creator before that.  Ish.  Some were silly, some were ambitious, and I was often just trying to see how things were made that I'd played on Atari.  I'd love to get these converted by someone to ROMS, but I just got my old beat-up C=128 to fire up, so at

bATARI poking around: playfield

Step one: I'm poking around bATARI Visual Basic to get a sense of the basics of what I can figure out before I dig into tutorials.  Just seeing how this is made, alone, is sort of thrilling.  The big blocks of colors really excite me.  Also, I know I'm dealing with some "limits" here, and excited to get on and see how people have broken those limits to do more.

Atari Collection Photos

I mostly play my Atari games on Stella with by Hyperkin Trooper, or on Harmony Cartridge on the 1981 console I've had for 40 years, but I have a modest physical collection that makes me happy to have.    And this is how I organize my digital collection...
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