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She's 1 Month Away / Bachelor Party / Game Stuff



[#013] just like the title says, my little girl is exactly one month away from her due date. if she is actually born on All Saints Day, we'll watch Boondock Saints together on Netflix (i'll put in headphones because there's a lot of swearing, and she doesn't need to hear that). i think she may be early, as she is already trying to find the exit according to my wife. oh who am i kidding. this kid is female, and women are always late for everything (or maybe that's just the women in my family).


and also like the title says, tonight is my best friend's bachelor party. i've settled down & grown up a lot in the past few years, so even though i live in New Orleans, tonight probably won't be as crazy as it could have been, say, five or so years ago. and that's probably a good thing. hell i might as well be the designated driver... ... ...but don't quote me on that.


in gaming news, i just started playing one of my favorite Genesis games a couple of days ago. then i realized i couldn't remember what to do in the first level, so i went to the interwebz. and that's when i found out there's an HD remake that was recently released for the game's 20th anniversary. do you remember the name Conrad? if so, perhaps you can identify the game i am referring to.


oh, and i bought myself a Zelda-edition Wii U, and the Super Luigi game since it's much cheaper than all the other Wii U titles. i plan on getting Pikmin 3, as i have had the first two since their release dates. i haven't opened the system package yet. i'll be taking "paternal leave" for most of next month, so i'll have plenty time to play with my baby. and my baby too.


in programming news, i have yet to put the finishing touches on MicroDungeon, but i have done a lot of work on my Hop Skip Jump game, having completely reworked the level editor. now users can create levels a matter of a couple of minutes instead of tediously dragging 500 blocks around the screen one at a time (fuck that). there will be another update on these two titles in the near future...


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I also picked up the Zelda Wii U and my son is playing through Wind Waker HD. I need to dig out the DS cartridge 'cause I think the graphics are more "3-D" than I recall.

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i think you mean Gamecube disc, not DS cartridge!


i found a used Nintendo Land at my local LameStop today. it is still selling $59.99 new so i had no problem paying $14.99 for a copy that is in like-new shape.

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