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Ugly Homebrew





Guess what that is!!!


It's a Bally Professional Arcade controller which I Frankenstein'd from an Atari VCS joystick and paddle. Oh, and a small white cardboard box, newspaper and scotch tape.


No solder for the wiring either, just cut, strip, twist and tape. Scotch tape.


Now, there's a lot of people out there who lend a bit of flare to their homebrew hardware projects. Quirky behavior like planning and design were left behind while I did this completely on the fly and without any real forethought other than . . . "hmm, I needs me a paddle controller . . . Atari gots a paddle controller . . . guess I'll cut one up and see what screams."


Anyway, as of now, it's the only completely functional Bally Astrocade compatible controller in my house. It will allow me to chronogame the rest of the Bally for 1978 at least. I might have to build another one someday soon.


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Glad you can resume chronogaming.


Thanks! Now I have to drag my son in to play Football on the Astrocade. :)

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HAHA!! That's some serious homebrew you got going on! Do you still have that controller? :D

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On 10/3/2012 at 11:54 PM, Nelio said:

HAHA!! That's some serious homebrew you got going on! Do you still have that controller? :D

hahah omgosh, YES! Here in 2021, I actually still have it and I guess I'll try to use it soon. I'm not as intimidated by the crafty aspect as I used to be (mostly from not trying to do anything crafty for a long time) but maybe I'll just "fix" what I have now.

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