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My Pokemans, let me show you them.



[#017] i've been at Pokemon Blue for a few weeks now. 20+ hours in with 5/8 badges, i've caught 62 of these virtual animals and seen 109. one of those 109 is this guy right here:




fuck this guy. i can't catch him for shit.

you throw a ball, he says fuck your ball. and leaves.

you throw a rock. he says fuck your rock. and leaves.

you throw some bait, he may eat your bait. but then immediately after he says fuck you, anyway. and leaves.




sadly i've been buying all kinds of Pokemon crap (complete games & strategy guides) unbeknownst to my wife. this obsession actually started way back when Pokemon Blue came out. i received a new copy as a gift from the girl i was dating at the time. i never finished the game and never thought about the series either, until i saw Pokemon Platinum in the store and the little voice in my head told me i had to have it. I never finished that game either.


Enter the recently-purchased Everdrive GB. it was great to be able to play the entire library on an actual GB,GBC, or GBA SP. That's when I made the mistake of loading up the rom for Pokemon Blue and i've been hooked since.


In the past month I've acquired CIB Blue, Silver, Emerald, and Heartgold to go along with my Platinum and still-sealed Soulsilver (i bought it for the Pokewalker thing but never actually got around to opening the game).




especially not Kangaskan. fuck him/her.


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i am now at 7 of 8 badges, with 80-something caught and 120-something seen.


the aforementioned kangaroo bitch is only one of 4 pokemon i cheated to get. the other three being charmander (the other starter), bulbasaur (the other other starter), and gengar (only available through trading from game boy to game boy via link cable).


oh and i did the money cheat so that i can have 99 ultra balls and 99 rare candies.


my team consists of Blastoise, Pidgeot, Gengar, Sandslash, Pikabitch, and (temporarily only for the "Strength" move) Slowpoke. My 6th slot is changed out frequently to try out new animals. FYI, Eeevie and Vulpix (sp?) both suck.

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