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December Savings



I'd forgotten about Doctor Who: Last Christmas, but we ended up watching it at my folks so I didn't purchase any content in December. That netted me $151 savings for the month, with $2974 cumulative savings since I started on this journey back in January 2013. Not bad at all.


Still have $742 remaining to pay off the hardware setup.


In another week or so Archer season 6 starts up, and I'll be getting it; however, I received $100 in iTunes gift cards for Xmas so content purchases will be covered under "received as gift" until that $100 is used up.


After a busy, though fun filled December, my Drobo is currently 83% full.



There's currently 1315 recorded episodes, though a lot of them are duplicate episodes. I've learned not to weed out the duplicates as I've encountered times where a recording was a different episode, or even a different show altogether (probably the result of a sporting event that went into overtime). After watching an episode, I confirm the duplicates are the same episode and then delete them at once. I hope to knock that down quite a bit this month, but at the same time I also want to resume the iOS programming courses as well as resume work on Draconian. As such, there's a chance I'll hit 85%, which is when the Drobo will flag one of the 3TB drives to be swapped out for a larger one. If that happens, I'll get another 6TB drive to drop in there.


An annoyance I've been experiencing with EyeTV (my DVR software) is the dreaded spinning pinwheel (the OS X busy pointer) when using the software (though not when watching an show, that would be really annoying). The problem's been getting worse and worse as the number of recorded episodes has increased. I took a look in the EyeTV Archive folder, and I believe what's going on is they're using the file system as a database. That typically doesn't scale well.


There's 1497 packages (a directory treated as though it where a file, though you can "Show Package Contents" to open them up to access what's inside) in the EyeTV Archive:



The packages are recorded shows:




As well as scheduled recordings:





I suspect this annoyance will eventually become incentive to get a handle on the backlog :ponder:

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I managed to get my DVR nearly cleared off before the holidays. I had it down to three saved episodes (that I'd already seen, but wanted to re-watch). I'm hoping to keep it largely cleared off, in case I decide to dump AT&T.

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