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AdvII XE - Castle screen fix



It always irks me when I see the out-of-place tile on the original 5200 Adventure II - on the first castle at the top. I finally fixed it, for the XE version.


As you can see, Sir Square is almost dead in this picture. He's got a big bite taken out of him and the dragon is about to complete his meal.

This was the first time I have recompiled and recompressed an Adventure II screen since I got a Windows 64-bit laptop, running win8.1 It's a lot more hassle now. I have to use DosBox to run the Antic4 utility and bin2inc utility (both by Jeffry Johnston) because they don't run natively in win8.1's CMD: prompt.

But TASM and PUCRUNCH do run in CMD: prompt - DosBox can't seem to run TASM. It's old, I know. But that's what we started using for compile AdvII code and I just stick with that for AdvII XE.


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