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Dreamcast games. Why are they so expensive? Sure you can get 50 million sports titles on eBay, which is why I search with "-2k" added, so I don't get them. There's another thing. Why make sports titles if nobody wants them? They end up on eBay all the time, for every console there's like 50 million of them. Anyway, I am trying to get a few new Dreamcast games for my collection. Every game I want is at least $20 on eBay. The lowest price on, say, Donald Duck, is $18.88. Really? Why? Mr. Driller is outrageously stupid high. Does anybody actually buy games that are stupidly priced? If I had that money, I'd buy food with it. You need food to live. You don't need to pay some jerk $14,000,000 for one Dreamcast game. And why is everyone over on the East coast? Can't there be someone that sells cool Dreamcast games that are moderately priced in, say, California? All the games I get on eBay, everyone is over in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia. It's stupid. Not that there's anything wrong with those states, except for the fact that they're too far away. Sigh. I played some Maximum Pool. I kept getting stupid white lines appearing on the screen. I think it's because the washing machine was going. The Dreamcast is a neat console. Too bad I had to pick an icky Gamecube. And they gave me a purple one. Does anyone want a purple console? Good thing they didn't make the Wii and Wii-U purple. If the NX is purple, I'm not getting it. And I don't even like the vast majority of the Dreamcast games and I still like the console. I don't want to play Shenmue or Phantasy Star. I want to play racing, puzzle, and platformers.


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Pickup Jet Set Radio or Rayman 2. I'm having a blast with those two games right now. I don't think they cost that much. Just make offers, don't buy anything now. That's what I do unless the price is sweet.

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That's why I download iso's and burn cd-r's.. it's so easy to play just about whatever game you want and if it's a worthy enough title, I'll buy the real game later on.

I'm all about Dreamcast racing games, I just got Re-Volt in the mail the other day. I've also been playing San Fransisco RUSH 2049 and Hydro Thunder. The Test Drive series and Sega Rally 2 is next on my wish list.

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