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Cruiz'in NintendoAge - September 2017 - Bubsy 2 for GameGear?




Time is relative. This entry titled September 2017 was written in March 2017. Why? Because I want to make sure the blog has an entry for every month, so each one of these entries I make I write to count. I am not sure there will be Bubsy material for months to come.


Figure get a few months ahead and then when the Bubsy material runs dry, and it has since the blog start from time to time, I will have a buffer to work with. Well, Bubsy material just keeps popping up in some form or fashion. So I figure I'll just post fun stuff as I see it, and if I'm five years into the future, well, ok! :D


But speaking of time, I search the internet just about every night for Bubsy material. I try to shake new branches to test my internet searching skills. That is what Bubsy really is to me: the ability to find new information on a rare topic. People say they can't find something and I knock it out in like 10 minutes. My wife was looking for a picture on the internet for two years, I found it in two minutes. She has sneered at me jokingly since.


So tonight I tried "Bubsy promotional items".


So with my internet searching skills I wonder why I didn't run across till six months after it was posted the news of a possible Bubsy 3 for the Genesis, which looks rather in the very alpha phase...




Or what I found even more important and maybe more plausible was Bubsy 2 for the Game Gear. I mean if Zool could get ported to the Game Gear, why not Bubsy?





So we knew Bubsy 3D was slated for the Sega Saturn. Now we have some proof from the back up discs supposedly of programmer Dave Taylor of ID.


So far no binaries have been released of either, but just cool it was being thought of for the Game Gear.

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