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I had a part of the code that I tried for a half-hour to try to simplify, but just couldn't. Everything I did didn't work. So it's time to ask for help in the videopac.nl forums. I made a fourth level of Mouse in the House (which I am thinking about renaming to "Rat vs. Cat". Which is the better name?) I am not going to post it yet because I want the simplification of the code I am having trouble with be in effect. I found out that new levels are around 30 bytes. One byte per value. I was able to simplify some code last night. I was able to add the mouse x and y values along with a few other values with another section of code about 10 lines long. So that's good. I am going to be able to fit in more levels than I thought. The rest of the 2k I could just fill in with maze info, since the game's mechanics are just about finalized. I hope I can fit at least 20 different mazes in here, like I did in the Odyssey 2 versions of Gosub and Gosub 2. So anyway, I haven't forgotten about it, I just haven't posted much since I've been working on it!

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I figured it out on my own. Which is good because there's hardly been a soul on the videopac.nl forums lately. Place is like a ghost town.

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