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Playing the Dreamcast

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So I got out my Dreamcast. The mail came and they stick it in a hole in the garage. No mail. Going through the garage, I saw my Dreamcast and games. So I decided to take them in and plug in the ol' Dreamcast. I played Looney Tunes: Space Race for about 45 minutes. Now my right middle finger hurts from me clutching the controller, I guess. The game is okay, it is way better without the weapons though, as most of the time all the computer players gang up on you and you finish last. I discovered the cheat code that disables them. I also put in the code that unlocks everything. Too bad you can't save with cheats entered. That's dumb.

And while I was playing, I thought of something. I have all these games. Why not PLAY them? So that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to spend more of my time playing video games rather than making them or watching TV or whatever. And also, I'm going to get rid of the games I don't play. Because what's the point of having games if you're not going to play them? I guess I could collect them, but then my collection is collecting dust, so I need to play my games more. I guess it's the thrill of the hunt.

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I went the other direction. I very rarely play.


I've given up most of my collection. I stick around because I like the idea of a game and I like to see if I can script to mimic the games I have enjoyed in the past or play with new ideas. It is also really cool to see what others have created or hacked to be played for the VCS.


BTW... I made a bB Stacker clone the other day. Then I went to see if it had already been done and saw yours. Nice job, man. :D

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