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Oranges title screen redo

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Since Kevin Vs. Tomatoes is pretty much done, I decided to go back to work on one of the previous projects. It turned out to be Oranges. I saw that I had a few spare background tiles I could use, so I spruced up the title screen a little. It now looks like this:
I also changed the bass part of the song to not be so low-pitched and brought it up an octave or so higher. Doing so enabled a few more notes to use. Before, the bass part was only using three distinct notes, now it's more. I also changed the in-game part too. I made the available walking space smaller to make the game harder. I noticed that the bottom of the screen you could be in for a while and not have as many oranges hit you. Discovered that was due to the way I was making random numbers so I changed that as well. I also made the ding sound not happen once an orange has been eaten.

I played it on a real GBC and noticed a flash of garbage screen, so I went back and fixed that as well. Now everything should be working okay. I had a bug where the first orange to cross the screen added 2 points instead of one, I think I fixed that as well.

I am still wondering what happened to those packages that said they were delivered but never came.

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